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Site change coming soon…

There’s a change coming to my site….soon….

Due to my recent mishap, I’ve decided to go ahead with my own dot com.


Or whatever you wanna’ call it. 

I’ll try and keep everyone posted….

But stayed tuned….

My site will be

And hopefully a re-design will follow.

If you need help with WordPress or if you’re considering your own URL, be sure to see Cathy at Desperately Seeking WordPress.



And the award goes to….


She like likes (oops) me!  She REALLLLY likes me!  My wonderful blogging friend, Annie, gave me this award.  Why?  Go visit her blog and see.

Thank you, Annie!  You are a blessing and encouragement to me.  I think I’ll cherish my award a bit…

But stay tuned….details, details, details, of our Fort Jackson trip and Cammie’s grad.  Way too much for one post….Sooo, don’t go away….Don’t change that blog!  I’ll be right back…