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The Daily Mercies: Why "In His Steps"?

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X Marks The Spot


After my much posting last night, I had a “brilliant idea”!  I thought I’d clean up the pictures in my media file.

YEP, that’s right.  I actually THOUGHT they would only be deleted from my media.

SO, if you happen to read a post with lots of X’s and no pics, tha’ts why!

Meanwhile, I’ve contacted WordPress to see if it’s possible to undo such BIG msitakes.

Otherwise, I shall work my way backwards INSERTING EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I DELETED….

Thank you for your patience during my construction….



We didn’t sign up for this!



God, in His infinite wisdom, gave us a daughter who thinks and acts much older than she is.

I’m still scratching my head.


Last week’s quotes:

“I’m embarrassing!”

Yes, yes you are.  Sometimes embarrassing.  Let’s work on that, kid.

After Sophie ran through my friend’s re-sale shop to bring me my mug of coffee that I didn’t ask for, a customer (of noted older age by Sophie) laughed  and said, “she must’ve known you needed your coffee, Mom.”  And then she laughed herself out of the store.

Sophie proceeded to take a drink of my cold brew.  I managed to retrieve it from her in between my own laughs.  And then she looked around the store and asked, “where’d the grandmaw go?”

After dragging her around all week to help out at the re-sale shop while the owner went through nearly two days of labor on her own (stay tuned for my upcoming post on the debut of baby Sean) and then dragging her with me to clean houses on Friday… we were both near breakdown.  I had a couple of mini-meltdowns before Sophie told me, “you hurt my feelings!”

“You hurt my feelings, too, Sophie, because you won’t listen to me!”  Pout, pout, pout.

“Oh, I’m soooorrry!”

Dagger to the heart.  Later in the car she repeated over and over, “it’s MY fault!”  Although I wasn’t sure what she was talking about I was certain that I needed to reassure her.

“NOOO, it’s NOT your fault, Sophie!”

“YESSS it is!  It’s MY fault!  I want MY fault.”

Oh.  Well, as long as she gets it back.  Not sure what she thinks her ‘fault’ is.

When she resumed this argument later, I told her it wasn’t her fault and she didn’t do anything.

“Yessss I did.”

“What did you d0?”




Grandmother?  Not Nana or Meeka?  Grandmother?  Not sure who she is.  Perhaps she is the “grandmaw” from the re-sale shop.  Don’t recall any hitting, though.

Last night while watching Miss America Sophie got a little puzzled at one of the final contestant’s talent.  “What’s she doing? What the heck?!”

I really didn’t think it was that bad.  When she had enough of beauty and semi-talent, she decided she’d go bug Courtney.  Joe and I resounded in unison, “NO!”  We waited.  Then Joe yelled back, “SOPHIE!  Come back in here!”  Nothing.  “SOPHIE!”  Then, the pitter patter of little feet coming towards our room.  She poked her head in and looked at Joe.

“Don’t scream at me.”

“Well, you listen to Daddy!”

“Don’t scream at me.  Again.”

Joe scooped her up and told her that she had to listen to him.  “Don’t make my sad,” she told him.

This morning when Courtney and I were kicking her out of Courtney’s room, she said, “Stop aggravating me!  Don’t aggravate me!”

After church, we couldn’t wait to eat and get Sophie down for a nap so that we could SLEEP!  Oh, the glorious thought of sleep.  After telling Sophie two or twenty times to pick up her Playdough, I got a bit flustered at her ignoring me or waving me off.  Joe firmly told her to pick up.  To which she replied,

“Stop stressing me out!”

Heavy sigh.

And finally, while Nana was bathing her, Sophie raised her arm and said, “I need to shave!”

Hey Courtney?  Thanks for pointing out how hairy she is!

Oh!  One more.  This morning I had Sophie dressed in a pink and brown dress with a brown sweater (WHY didn’t I take a picture?), a crocheted brown hat with pink Ostrich feathers and brown and pink Squeaky shoes.  After several, “she’s SOOO cute” and huge grins, Sophie looked up at me and asked,

“Is my pretty?”

Yes, yes you are!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to rest up for the week.

To read about more “shocking Sophie sayings” go HERE.


The Daily Mercies: My Life of Grace


It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.  They are new every morning:  great is thy faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:22-24

I apologize for the late post this evening.

I have been praying on what to post.  Although nothing seemed to come to me,  I am forever reminded that the Lord’s mercies are indeed new EVERY day.  It is truly of HIS MERCIES that we are not consumed.

 In our daily challenges—when terrible twos are upon us—He is faithful. 

When unexpected circumstances test our faith—like Cammie calling home to tell me that she is being sent to another base for testing for cervical cancer—He is there.

When unimaginable grief tries to crush us—like the passing of a newborn baby you can read about in  this post at Bring The Rain—He is faithful.

And He is there.

Even on Mondays.  As Mrs. Q’s son, “Mr. Independent”, said when He was asked to recite their memory verse for the week—Hebrews 13:8—

“Jesus Christ is the same Monday, today and forever.”


God’s grace has been woven throughout my life like the intricate details of a beautiful hand-made quilt.  Today, it wraps me like a warm blanket.

To read about some of those details, click the link below to my very first post:

My Life of Grace.

 Click the link at the top of this post to read more about The Daily Mercies.

I will not add Mr. Linky since I am posting this so late.  If you would like to leave a link, please add it in the comments.  My apologies. 

Please pray with me for a good report for Cammie this coming Thursday.

May His daily mercies abound to you!



This is what’s slowed me down today and kept me from doing some of those last minute things that STILL aren’t done.  Oh, the Lord works in mysterious ways.  We DID need some rest.
Not happy!

Not happy!


That would be the look of a toddler with a bit of a stomach bug and an old man’s limp due to a scraped knee.  The child literally limped around, holding her knee after she scraped it.  This after half a day in the bed.  Just when I thought she was ready to bounce back, her injury knocked her back down.  This is serious stuff, people!  Pottying is a challenge!  She wants NOTHING to touch her boo-boo except her Hello Kitty bandaid.  NOTHING else… you try taking her to the potty.  Oh…that would be the Courtney in the background…texting.  What else would she be doing? 😉

And now at the risk of having my husband cringe, I’m going to share…



… the reason that I “should” be limping around and laid up in bed.  No, no, no!  Not the desperate need for a pedicure…not that!  The ginormous bruise!  With an interesting story…  So, I’m standing on my bathroom counter unscrewing the globes from my lighting fixture to clean them.  This was late one evening last week after a long day of cleaning my house.  The Cox guys were here fixing my landline.  AGAIN!  This time, there were two of them.  One was in the attic entrance in my closet.  He asked me a question.  I practically jumped off of the counter so that I could hear him better.  I landed on this:


Beauty has a price!

Beauty has a price!

What are the odds?  I landed on one of the handles of this tray.  And NOTHING broke!  But I’m left with that nasty bruise on my foot.  And yes it HURT!  But it looks much worse than it feels now.  In hindsight, I’m thinking I should’ve milked this all along.  I could’ve been limping around like Sophie, moaning and whining and making faces and no one would’ve blamed me.  Oh, the beauty of hindsight.
Random driving pic

Random driving pic

And there’s some more randomness for ya’!  Cammie had a bit of difficulty settling back into driving after three plus months.  She drove like a Paw-Paw!
Okay…I’m through rambling.  Sophie just tried to get off of my bed and fell into her throw-up bucket while holding her knee.  Where’s the camera when you need it?  Oh, there wasn’t any throw up in the bucket, of course.  In case you were wondering…  Aren’t you glad you tuned in today?


I won’t be expecting a Mother of the Year Award.

I’ve said it before. Sophie’s arrival changed everything.  She is a little firecracker to say the least.  I’ve gone from confident mother and Nanny to entertaining the notion of contacting Supernanny, JoJo.  This past Saturday, the ABC show accepted applications at Cortana Mall in Baton Rouge.

Oh, people, I’m not that desperate!  Well…at least, not yet.  You decide…

One night last week Joe and I wrestled Sophie to give her nightly doses of Benadryl and vitamins.  Sometimes she runs away, kicks and twitches to keep from taking them.  Sometimes she is willing and even exclaims, “YUMMY!”

After we accomplished our mission, I sat the Benadryl on the kitchen counter so that I wouldn’t forget to pack it for my Mom’s house the next day.  I then went into Sophie’s room to pack her clothes.  I didn’t get far before I remembered that I needed to call Mom.  So I went to my bedroom to get my phone.

How I walked past her without noticing is beyond me… “MOMMY, look,” she boldly asked.

So I did.  There she was.  Holding the Benadryl bottle in one hand, the cap in the other.  With a bit of pink already dripping from her chin, she put the bottle to her mouth to take a swig.  For a Nannysecond, I stood shocked with my jaw dropped.

“NO, SOPHIE!   You NEVER, EVER get medicine by yourself!  That is dangerous!  NO, NO, NO!”

She still wanted to grin but I suspect my tone stopped her.  The bottle was still new, so I was confident she didn’t take much.  She normally takes her nightly dose a few drops at a time as Benadryl is a little strong.  We watched her closely.  We prayed.  She was fine.

And then… the other night Courtney, Sophie and I went to Walmart.  We were in the toy section surrounded by lots and lots of parents, several very excited children and an occassional employee.  Sophie asked to get in the back of the buggy.  This has been a new adventure for her.  So I let her.  She stood up many times.  I scolded her.  But not firm enough for the strong-willed child that she is.  I made an abrupt stop and the unthinkable happened…. she fell out.



I think I screamed rather loudly.  After she pointed exactly where it was hurting I checked for a knot.  There was a slight one.  We gathered quite the crowd.  But you know what?  Not one person came up to us to see if she was okay.  Granted, she should not have been allowed to get in the back of the buggy in the first place, let alone stand for even a Nannysecond.  Still, it saddens me to think of what we have become as a soceity.  We were gawked at.  Gasp.  Needless to say, I was embarrassed.  But more importantly, I was concerned about Sophie.

Long after we arrived home, my chest remained tight.  I finally stopped long enough to press through in prayer.  I had already prayed for her.  But I think I felt so horrible about what happened that I could not get peace.  Peace did come.  And Sophie was fine.

She is still climbing and challenging and demanding independence.  She wants to snap her own pants after pottying.  She wants to rinse her own hair.  Two year olds don’t usually pull those things off well.

I sometimes feel challenged on a minute by minute basis.  But this one thing I know:  she IS fearfully and wonderfully made.  Her creator gave her a tenacity that will serve Him well as she chooses.  And that is my prayer.  I will not question.  I will not second-guess.  I will continually remind myself to trust Him.  Not only with her, but with me.  He is well able to guide me.

II Peter 1:3 says, According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue.

ALL things have been given us pertaining to life AND godliness.  That includes wisdom for parenting.  In fact, for wisdom all we have to do is ask (see James 1:5).

I’ll continue to remind myself of these Scriptures at times when Sophie lets out single long shrills—like at The Bass Pro Shop while we’re waiting in line to see Santa.

Or when she arches her back, kicks her legs and screams while I’m putting her in a time out.

Or when her only response to “time for bed, Sophie” or “time for bath, Sophie” or “pick up your toys, Sophie” or a myriad of other commands is, “NO! I DON’T!  WANT TO!”

Except the the recent occasion when she added one additional prhase—when she refused to get up off the floor at the cool new Beef Jerky Outlet (“Cool”, IF you’re Joedaddy!) adding this:

“I!  DON’T!  CARE!”

HEAVY sigh…

She doesn’t care.

Thank God HE does!  And she will.  One day.  Until then, hope you’re all feeling like great parents! 😉


Tomorrow At A Blog Near You…

I will have a Daily Mercies post up tomorrow as soon as possible…probably after church.

I’ll be sharing what God has done “radically” in the life of my friend Robin.

So stay tuned…  sorry it’s late…but “somebody” had a 40th birthday party tonight.