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Happy 40th Birthday Tracie!

January 29, 1969 



1983–The year we met.


Tracie & John

Tracie & John

STILL together!  Amazing, isn’t it?
And here’s to hoping you and I still will be after posting this picture…
Oh, I’m certain it was great then and all.  I wore blue lame, remember?
But I’m thinking the Louisiana Plantations are going to call wanting that dress back.
Rena & Tracie-DSHS Reunion

Rena & Tracie-DSHS Reunion

Denham Springs High School class of 1987 20th Reunion
Happy Birthday, Tray! 

40 Things I Love About You

  1. Your unconditional love for me
  2. Your smile
  3. Your roast beef
  4. Sharing your Diet Coke with me
  5. Your eyes
  6. Standing by your man through ever changing plans
  7. Picking up where we left off after long separation
  8. Your love for my family
  9. Singing Karaoke with you
  10. Your ability to hold multi-level conversations
  11. Introducing me to Mixed Nuts
  12. Your Barbie feet
  13. Sharing the same shoe size
  14. Sharing chocolate
  15. Late night chats catching up
  16. Our trips to Pensacola (We need one!)
  17. Eating Fritos and Bean Dip together
  18. Letting me wear your new clothes before you wear them
  19. Your honesty
  20. Willingness to pull an all nighter when “the plague” visits
  21. Being the “nit” pickiest friend
  22. Your ability to “roll with the punches”
  23. Cleaning the toilet for me when I’m sick… BEFORE I throw up
  24. Coming to my rescue at a moment’s notice
  25. Having your only baby girl born looking like me 
  26. Surviving a zoo of stray dogs and cats, pet birds, rabbits and other creatures
  27. Your sense of direction
  28. Maintaining sanity in the midst of chaos with four kids
  29. Working hard
  30. Doing it right or not doing it at all
  31. Giving your last dollar or cup of laundry detergent when needed
  32. Keeping the ’70s fashion alive
  33. Finding humor in every situation
  34. Mentoring Cammie
  35. Crying when I cry
  36. Rejoicing when I rejoice
  37. Our past studies in the Word
  38. Loving the unlovable
  39. Loving Jesus Christ
  40. Sharing 26 of your 40 years with me

Here’s to many more memories together!  May this be your very best year yet.  Never settle for anything less than Christ’s best for you.

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. 

For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow:  but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up.

Again, if two lie together, then they have heat:  but how can one be warm alone?

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Happy 40th, Tracie!







  Happy 40th Birthday Tracie! « Here’s My Cup Lord wrote @

[…] say it’s your birthday… It’s my birthday too!”  Happy Birthday Tray-tray Lou!  Love, Ginger and […]

  Ginger wrote @

This post is sooo awesome, and you know I think of you as a sister too. I love the 40 things. My fave being how you remind me of mom… the always being there speaks volumes, even from a distance!

Happy to share this day with you woman!

Besides, you’re forty already… not me!

Ha! What a mileeeeestone! How’s that for a sense of direction??

  jenifriend wrote @

you have inspired me to do something like this for each of my friends as part of their bridesmaid gift…shh don’t tell!! 🙂

  TRACIE wrote @

I love it……I love you too……and you are still the BEST, even if the plantation owners are going to be on my tail for that dress..wish em’ luck. They will never get that beautiful dress..its an antique now, worth a lot of money…..actually made me feel better, I couldnt look that horrendous today if I tried….lol..I sort of miss my big hair mullet look. though…..just kidding! Thank God that the styles have changed and we are ever so gracefully aging….(big office debate going on about how to spell aging..ageing, see I am fourty today and 2nd grade has been totally wiped out of my memory). All kidding aside Snitz, you are my “kindred spirit” as brother John used to say. You are an amazing person and an amazing friend, the BEST there is. And I am blessed to have had you for the past 26 years. All of the kind things you said about me on your blog apply double to you.

Wilbur says “Hi”, really he called me to wish me a happy 40th.



  Jennifer Landry wrote @

Happy Birthday Tracey…..
I’m so glad you get to try out 40 before me.
Let me know what I’m in for. If only you would have had your kids first to prepare me for all that…YIKES.. but I wouldn’t have made it this far without your help and your love for my kids. I never had the other half to support me raising them and I appreciate you taking the job. We still have a ways to go with them so stay on your toes you know I will be calling you.
And I know you will always be there. I love you!!!

  Happy 40th Birthday Tracie! | Here’s My Cup Lord wrote @

[…] say it’s your birthday… It’s my birthday too!”  Happy Birthday Tray-tray Lou!  Love, Ginger and […]

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