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Happy Sweet 16, Courtney!

On January 23, 1993 at 9:45 a.m., you made your debut.
Courtney Delynn Sutton

Courtney Delynn Sutton

Well, your arrival looked a tad different than that.  But I couldn’t post ‘that’ picture!  I’m quite certain that the one above will be enough for you.  To me, you were a 6 lb 11 oz beauty.  However, I’m well aware that you will think “Monchichi” when you see this picture.  Cutest Monchichi I ever saw.

Mom, what's this ball of hair?

Mom, what's this ball of hair?

Beautiful sisters.  Ugly couch.  You look lost under there.  You were such a good baby.  As you know, our best sleeper.  After the trauma of breaking Cammie from sleeping with us just prior to your arrival, I was determined to make some changes.  Oh, I rocked you.  But I worked hard at training you to sleep when I laid you down in your bed.  As a toddler, you would tell me when you were ready for a nap.  Now if you could just teach Sophie to do that.
Princess Delynn

Princess Delynn

You danced your way into our hearts.  That grin says so much to me about your little personality.  You were a sneaky little thing.  You loved to play dress-up.  Do you remember when Poppy wanted to take you to the store with your dress-up clothes on?  I did NOT want you to leave the house in them.  But he insisted.  A lady in the store stopped Poppy to tell him that you were the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.  Priceless.
Knows Everything!

Preschool Graduate: Knows Everything!

We blinked.  And then you graduated Preschool.  You were a smart little thing.  You amazed us with Scripture memory.  If there was a preschool class clown, I’m sure you were it.  I remember when Mrs. Paula sent a note home saying, “Please talk to Courtney.  She constantly makes noises with her mouth.”  I put that note in your first scrapbook.  Sophie reminds me of you sometimes when she is working that little personality of hers. 

We blinked some more and you were coming home from Kindergarten telling me about some kid talking on the bus about sex.  *Insert composed mother here.*  I asked you if you knew what that was.  You flashed that grin of yours and said, “YES!  French kissing.”  Welllll now, where do I go from there?  I made a visit to Sunshine Christian Bookstore and found a series of age appropriate books on the latest topic on the elementary school bus.  Those books would be a tremendous blessing throughout yours and Cammie’s adolescence.  Allowing this subject to be open discussion for you and Cammie opened many doors for your peers.  Fastforward to age 13…  I’m pregnant with Sophie driving you and a van full of your friends celebrating your 13th birthday.  And the questions begin…  I would make a few phone calls for consent from other moms to discuss the forbidden topic.  What a night!  I hope you’ll always be able to talk with me about anything.  Okay, you can stop freaking out now. 😉
DSHS Volleyball

DSHS Volleyball


Blink.  You start your first long term relationship (way too early).  Sophie is born.  Blink.  You you start high school, take dance and play volleyball…

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen


Blink.  You’re going to homecoming with Aubrey.
Aubrey & Courtney

Aubrey & Courtney

Courtney & Mercy

Courtney & Mercy

Blink, blink, blink…

You’re driving…
And playing Powder Puff Football…

There you are in braids with the Sophomore Barbie Bandits. 

You continue to astound me with your grades, your devotion to your Youth Group, determination to NOT settle for anything less than your best and to live by your convictions.  As you make decisions and set goals for your future… as you grow in your relationship with Aubrey… as you grow in your friendships and learn which ones will last a lifetime (and I think you know 😉 )… as you enjoy your teenage years, get your first job with a real paycheck, get your driver’s license and YESSSS, eventually your first car… and most of all, as you grow in Christ…

May your light shine as brightly for all those around you as it has for us…


Role Model

Role Model

And, remember, she’s watching you… and listening, too.
And she still needs you…
And he will always protect and love you….
And I will always be your biggest fan!
Shine, Shine, Shine!

Shine, Shine, Shine!

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your father which is in heaven.  Matthew 5:16





  Big Mama wrote @

Happy Birthday, You make us so proud to be your grandparents!

Big Mama & Big Daddy

  Ginger wrote @

…so moving!

Blink and I will submit my post!

Happy, happppppy birthday to our beautiful dancer, writer, role model, (Yes, even to us adults, your light so shines!) and friend.

Uncle Jerry, Aunt Ginger, Gordon, and Jordon

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[…] 23, 2009 by Ginger Yes, happy, happy sweet 16 to our Courtney! (<–Click to view Rena’s moving post.)  We are so proud of you!  Be blessed today […]

  Happy, Happy Birthday Coco! | Here’s My Cup Lord wrote @

[…] Yes, happy, happy sweet 16 to our Courtney! (<–Click to view Rena’s moving post.)  We are so proud of you!  Be blessed today as you celebrate with family and friends.  Know who you are and that you are greatly loved, and in keeping with your mom’s previous post, please accept this rose from the one man who truly seeks to capture your heart. […]

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