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Her words, they shock me!

Well, I don’t know much about Word filled Wednesday.

But after posting my so-called Wordless Wednesday pic, I’m about to burst.  I guess I totally cheated with the caption and all.

The truth is, nothing BUT words over here.  You guessed it!  From the toddler.

Here’s two or twenty of her words I’d like to share so you know what I’m dealing with here.

The other day while at my friend’s re-sale shop working with Sophie in tow, I told her to get off the floor.  She was laying on her belly on a high-traffic floor in a STORE coloring a picture.  She was protesting.  I tried to whisper discretely, “get up off the floor.”  And then slowly walk away.  And then I heard her whisper,

“That’s ri-dic-o-lous.”


While I chatted with a customer about sending Sophie to Preschool at our church next fall, Sophie sat on a stool behind the counter drawing a lovely picture.  She acted like she owned the place.  All the while she was scribbling, she had her ear bent our way.

“NO!  I’M going to Pre-School,” she chimed in.

“Yes, that’s what we were talking about, Sophie.”


WHAT?  WHAT?  She DID NOT?  HOW could she possibly even know the difference?  We didn’t even mention daycare.  I didn’t have much time to ponder before she put her two cents in again.

“And I’m gonna’ be a DANCER!”

Yes, yes you are.  Dance class next fall.

Good grief!   How am I gonna’ make it ’til fall?

Some other new favorites:

“What the world?”

“Mom?  I never, ever, never seen.  A girl.  Silly-willy.”

Wow!  Hard to believe.  Should’ve handed her a mirror.

In the car yesterday with me and Courtney:

“No, I got a car!  Boy gave me to me car.”

“REALLY?  What color is it,” Courtney asked.


“Well, what’s his name?”

“I don’t know.  A girl name.”

Hmmmm….  Is it paid for is what I was thinking.

If I only had my camcorder rolling… I wish you could’ve seen the chocolate meltdown that erupted after she woke up from her power nap yesterday.  And that’s another thing… 45 minutes?  REALLLY?  AFTER she protested her nap for nearly that long because, well, “I JUST WAKED UP!”  I’m amazed that she thinks I believe this stuff.  

On chocolate, as Joe’s brother-in-law put it at Christmas, “she has a monkey on her back.”

It’s bad, people.  BAD!  Two parents addicted to chocolate = toddler with monkey on back.

If you’d like a little more math…

Two teenagers (whoops, one teenager; one “adult child”.  Shhh, don’t tell Cam!) + one toddler =Sassy half-pint teenager wannabe who occassionally pees in her pants.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m being summoned off the computer.  With great whines and moans, I might add.

It’s ri-dic-o-lous!

P.S.  Please note that the two previous posts in no way denote child neglect.  Picture #1, I would be the one holding the camera.  You figured that, huh?  Picture #2, It’s MY Diet Coke! 





  jenifriend wrote @

Oh no!! While definitely something you can laugh about when she’s older…my heart goes out to you now for all of the effort your putting into it. Keep in constant prayer, Rena, you can do this!!


  Audra Krell wrote @

Come on preschool, daycare or whatever it is!
You are a saint. There is no getting around it. Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and I’m wishing you many, many blessings in 2009!

  Ginger wrote @

Yep, she’s smart like her aunt Ginger! …Ha! And on that sassy bit, who are you trying to kid???


  Annie wrote @

I’ve had that ri-dic-o-lous comment in my head all day, and I’m so sorry, but it just makes my insides tickle.

  Laura wrote @

THIS is exactly why God gives them to us so little and cute! Although you wince at the words, you know you have to turn your head and laugh… I don’t really get that same sweet sensation when they are my height… funny how that works! She is a CUTIE!

I’m a Believer!

  We didn’t sign up for this! « Insert Grace Here… wrote @

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