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The Daily Mercies: When He Takes Care of Our Children


Just say no to scooters??!!

Just say no to scooters??!!

It’s in the simple ways that  we often find His Daily Mercies.

Our oldest son, Gordon, recently had an accident with an old scooter that left his eye looking like this.  Don’t worry it’s getting much better, but we are so thankful he has no further damage.  Especially since he actually wasn’t even riding his scooter. No.  The handle bar popped up and hit him in the eye!

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  insertgracehere wrote @

OH MY GOODNESS! Gordon, your eye looks painful.

I’m so thankful for His angels watching over you. So, freak accident, huh?

Need details….

So glad to hear it’s getting better.

Love you,]

  Annie wrote @

Ouch…. that looks positively awful. I’m glad everything is OK!

  Laura wrote @

Youch! I think my kids almost got that same injury from the same problem with an old scooter… I’m grateful always for God’s protection. Sometimes we have to experience a “near miss” to recognize the potential pitfalls He saves us from!

I’m a Believer!

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