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Deck Them Halls and Other Botched Christmas Carols

When I heard Sophie singing Christmas songs, my Christmas was merry and my holiday bright.

She began with, “it’s the most won-DER-ful time OFFFFF the YEAR!”  Then followed with, “Jingle bells, jingle bells, oh-be oh-be oh-be oh-be….”

But when Mom called to share my nephew, Jessie’s, rendition of Deck The Halls, I was certain “’tis the season to be jolly”.

Until her attempts to correct him in between laughter, he decked his halls as follows:

“Deck the halls with fallen jollies, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la, la….”

I think that beats the popular version of  “deck the halls with balls of holly”.

Don’t you just love botched Christmas carols?  I think one of the reasons I love Peanuts so much is that they capture the raw essence of children.

I love when Sally says, “deck them halls and all that stuff”.  I love that after much rehearsing, she still manages to replace her one word line of “HARK” as the Angel in the Christmas play with “hockey sticks“. 

And not that it’s a Christmas carol, but who doesn’t love when Peppermint Patty’s fears come true when she botches up “baaaaa” as the sheep in the play?  Wasn’t it enough that she was humiliated when Marcy was chosen to be Mary?  “Mary never wore glasses!”  First, she trips over her own feet while donning her sheep costume, and later manages to the stage to sound, “WOOF!  MEOW!  MOO!  Whatever…”

And I love Sally’s insistence that “Harold Angel” would enter the stage at the end of the play because “it’s right here in the script.”  Imagine Charlie Brown’s surprise when the doorbell rings and he finds Harold Angel has come to see Sally.

What about you?  I’d love to hear your stories of botched Christmas carols sung throughout your homes.  So leave a comment.  Make my New Year happy! 🙂

Happy New Year!



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  Ginger wrote @

Love this… so cute!

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