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The Daily Mercies: She’s Home!



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No words are needed…






Big sister is back!

Big sister is back!


Dream on!

Dream on!


…and we’ll have to wait for more pics with Mom ’cause Mom was snapping pics and Joedaddy was filming.

I just have to add one funny note…  Cammie tried to call her Big Mama while she was waiting for her plane to take off.  Big Daddy had the cell at the camp.  He whispered, “hello?”  Apparently he didn’t know who she was and couldn’t take the time to find out.  “Can you call me back after dark,” he whispered from his tree stand.
I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to talk to her tomorrow… after he comes down from the tree stand.
Thanking Him that she’s home!
Merry Christmas!


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  Audra Krell wrote @

I read the title in a feed and my eyes welled up with tears! Praise God she’s home!! I loved the pictures. You have everything you need for Christmas! Much love – Audra

  Ginger wrote @

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!! We love you Cams!!!!

Aunt Ginger is sooooo happy you’re home!! I have your card and letters from the boys too.

Love you bunches!
Uncle Jerry, Aunt Ginger, Gordon and Jordon

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