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“Sneaux” Day 2008

What started out a “delightful sight” has slowly turned into an awful mess. 

Melting Mush

Melting Mush





So long, snow!  Time to GO, time to GO, time to GO!  Goodbye!  We barely knew ye…

But for me, today’s “sneaux” day has turned out to be a blessing from on High.  God truly works in mysterious ways.  How long have I moaned and cried with gnashing of teeth that life is too busy?  Regardless of how hard I’ve tried to multi-task, prioritize and organize, it seems that life has been throwing one thing after the other my way.  The to-do list is never ending.  Today, I received a wonderful interruption.

If you scroll down to my previous post, Let It SNOW, Let It SNOW, Let It SNOW, you’ll see that we did not stay outside long enough to create an adult size Frosty.  Uh-uh, no way.  Not this Florida girl.  I’ll admit, the various pics of life size snowmen—as well as one detailed, wig covered snowwoman—on the news made me a tad jealous.  But not for long.  Our little Skittle and M&M faced baby Frosty is still standing.  We’re so proud.

Aside from our short snow adventure outside, Courtney, Sophie and I have spent the day inside watching Mixed Nuts, drinking lots of coffee, ordering Diet Coke from Dominos (because I’m THAT bad offf), lounging around and a whole lot of nothing else.  Well, Sophie would be excluded from some of that.  It has been such a blessing just curling up on the couch with the girls and hanging out.  I only wish Cammie was here to enjoy it with us.  Soon…soon, she’ll be home.

Our home phone was out for over five days until about an hour ago when a wonderful Cox technician arrived to fix it.  So it’s been quiet and peaceful…other than a few of Sophie’s outbursts.

Thank you, Lord.  Hope you enjoyed the pics as well as a few laughs.  NORTHERNERS! 😉




  Annie wrote @

We always laugh because here in Oklahoma, we call school off for just a tad of snow. My cousin who lives in Illinois thinks were such lightweights. The sludge is never fun, though it is quite a relief (maybe?) to get your phone back. 5 days? Was that snow related? Thanks for your comment on my blog this AM. Truly, all I thought about this morning was YOUR Cammie and how sending her off to Boot Camp pales in comparison to my daughter’s little cushy jaunt across the country. I know Cammie is older, but I don’t really think it makes a difference in a momma’s heart. How is she doing? HAve a great day, Rena!!! Wish we could share a Diet Coke (Pepsi) together! 😉

  Ginger wrote @

Rena, you’re not supposed to photo the ugly part, silly. Dominoes and Diet Coke? Going to find your snowman?? Rah, rah rooty toot… !


  Ginger wrote @

Wait… found your Frosty! Maybe I should add a pic of Jordon’s with his basketball head……… !

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