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Let It SNOW, Let It SNOW, Let It SNOW!

Another update…

The weather outside is frightful, but the snow is sooo delightful…since w’eve no place to go, let it snow, let is snow, let it swow…



THIS is what we woke up to this morning in South Louisiana:



Frosty, come home!

Frosty, come home!

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

I have some sweet footage as well.  BUT, once again, first, I’ll need to know how to upload the cell phone clip.  As well as figure out how to add a video clip from the camcorder that is isolated. 
Meaning, without Joe’s 40th birthday party.  NOT that you don’t want to see the party footage.  BUT THIS IS SNOW!
Those of you who live up north, STOP LAUGHING!  This is our little moment.  If Frosty survives, I’ll gladly share him with you as well.
I’ll be ending the post now so I can make sure Court’s friend knows all the do’s and don’ts of driving in the snow.  And I’ll also be thinking about whether or not that free hair cut and color my wondeful friend, Suzonne, has offered me is worth driving in this stuff.  I’m thinking… guess I better bundle up! 😉  Let’s hope it won’t make for a Where’d You Get YOUR Driving Skills? post.
Happy Snow!
Update for all you Northerners…


More Snow

More Snow

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Back Yard

Back Yard

Fallen Branch

Fallen Branch

Can you believe it?  ME NEITHER!  This branch broke from the “weight” of the snow.  Okay, MAYBE Gustav weakened it.  This is amazing!  The free hair will have to wait.  For now, we’ll watch Mixed Nuts.  It’s one of our all time favorites and the one and ONLY movie I took from Joe’s Video Store before it closed.  HEY!  Don’t knock ‘less you’ve seen it!  Then, don’t knock it either!;)


  Donna wrote @

ohhhhhhhh how exciting!!! a white christmas! thats on my list of things to experience one day. I only saw snow for the first time a few years ago, but it was a blizzard so not enjoyable or peaceful at all!

Wow, thanks for sharing the photos! I might go wrap some presents and imagine being there!

🙂 Donna

  Ginger wrote @

Snow Rocks and so does Suzonne, but I am hair jealous of the whole color thing! Need much practice b4 pics too.

love ya, g

  insertgracehere wrote @

Wish you were, Donna! It is so amazing! It’s raining now. The snow won’t be around long. But they say tomorrow may be a repeat. As soon as I work out the technical glitches, I’ll get some footage posted.

  Ice Cream Sandies? « Here’s My Cup Lord wrote @

[…] I say more… ?  Who cares if it’s snowing outside??!! (I do, I do.  Just click to view!)  That’s what COFFEE is for!  Or Hotchoco too!  Put the […]

  Angie wrote @

I’m soooo jealous. It’s 50 and raining here… and I’m dying for that winter wonderland! Have you found any diet coke yet?

  insertgracehere wrote @

Mixed Nuts just ended…and we got the knock on the door. Two hours after ordering…IT’S HERE! I’m going to eat my not-so-cheap thin crust pizza and drink some icy cold Diet Coke. I’ll update some pics again soon. It is so surreal! It makes me miss Cammie (my daughter who just recently graduated from National Guard basic training. She’s in AIT at Fort Lee, Virginia.)

I realllly need to get out and go to Walmart. BUT it will wait. Icy roads….

  Mrs. Q wrote @

Lucky you guys! We might get snow this weekend!

  Annie wrote @

oh my! I somehow missed this post and just saw the melty one first. So it WAS pretty, at least for a while, though maybe hard to enjoy without Diet Coke (I do understand the feeling, except, my soda of choice – Pepsi).OH, and I had a hard time spotting Frosty in the picture, but once I saw him… ohhh soo cute! 😉

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