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…finding grace to help in the time of need…

Where’d You Get YOUR Driving Skills?–Rena

Coutney’s new dance studio is not completed.  Currently, the girls are meeting in The American Legion Hall.  It has a bit of a decrepit  look.  Ginormous potholes fill the parking lot.

I dropped her off last Tuesday for the first time as her Big Mama usually brings her.  Courtney was driving.  She was about to make a wrong turn.  She argued with me and continued down a one-way street past the turn that we needed to make.  I had her pull over, call Big Mama to confirm the location, and switch places so that I could “take over”.  She was running late.

I was right about where to turn, but we were much closer than I  thought.  As we approached the building, I prepared to turn left into the parking lot.  It was poorly lit.  I watched the other parents drive cautiously around the potholes, entering one way and exiting the other.  I turned across two lanes of highway approaching what I “thought” was a large parking lot.  NOPE!  It was a ditch, nay, an abyss.  I slammed my brakes and stopped only inches from plunging into the black hole.  A truck managed around me in the nick of time.  I threw the car into reverse and made it into the drive.  It was truly the grace of God we were not rear-ended.  Another mom turned in behind me.  I was humiliated.  Courtney was mortified. 

But we escaped tragedy…. and the night made for great blogging material.  See…always ‘something’ to be thankful for! 😉




  Laura wrote @

I hate teaching a teenager to drive!!! We pulled over the other day after Mercy missed a turn and blah blah blah…My nerves are shot from driving with the trainee!! I only had one nerve left to begin with.

How come daddies are so much calmer in the front seat next to a teenager than we are??? Now Bernard sits in front when she drives, as I sit in the back seat and close my eyes and dream of a happy place where the waves lap the shore and I am at peace once more…

I’m a Believer!

  Ginger wrote @

…Yea doesn’t that verse say, they both land in the ditch… ha!

  insertgracehere wrote @

VERRRY funny! 😉 How appropriate! OUUUUCCCH…

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