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Carpool Chaos

Joe picked Courtney up from school today.

Denham Springs High School has a separate Freshman High next door.  I explained to Joe that he can only travel westbound between the two schools for afternoon carpool.  I told him the quickest route to take leading him to a side road behind the Freshman High.  He would need to merge into the traffic on the right for the high school pick up.  The left carpool line would be for the Freshman High.

The bell rings at 3:09 (thanks to Gustav).  Joe called me at 3:18 and asked, “WHERE is she?

“Are you in the carpool line for the high school,”  I asked.

“I’m pulled over in front of the school.  They’ve pages heard over the intercom.  I’m just sitting here.”

“Joe, are you in the line to the right?”  I already knew the answer

“No, I’m at the Freshman High.”

WELLL now, THAT was a problem.  Seeing as how she’s a SOPHOMORE and all.  I didn’t say that.  His frustration was mounting.  I just explained to him how to merge  into the line for the main high school. 

Minutes later, Courtney called me laughing—no—guffawing.  “MOM?  Guess what Joedaddy did?”

“Uh, went through the Freshman High carpool???”

“YES!  I figured you weren’t coming because you were late.  Aubrey and Lisa were joking and said it would be really funny if Joedaddy came to get me and went through the Freshman High.  Then Aubrey pointed, ‘THERE he is!’  We were laughing so hard.  He just sat there and we didn’t know what to do.”

Then the funniest part of all…”MOM, his car still has ’40 & Still Sexy’ on the windshield.”

That obviously drew more attention to him.  Well at least my midnight art work on his birthday eve helped them spy his car.

It’s certainly brought on lots of teasing.  Ummm, sorry Joe.

I planned to take a picture to add to the post.  But he came straight home and washed my graffiti from his car.

Good times!

…Be sure to stay tuned for more posts on the Fort Jackson trip.




  drunkdreamer8 wrote @

Hi Rena,
I would love to join you guys!
Let me know
Gods Awesome Blessings On You!

C. Apana

  Mrs. Q wrote @

How funny! Love the graffiti idea….maybe I’ll do that to my husband on his fortieth…only seven years to go! I love to tease him because he’s five years older than me.


  insertgracehere wrote @

Mrs. Q.,
You’re still a spring chick! 😉 I’m right behind Joe. Well, July next year. So technically, I’m still in my 30’s! 😉

  Annie wrote @

Omigoodness that is a hilarious story. These men…. gotta love em… but they can miss the details sometimes… (at least mine does) and I can see myself going through the same thought process, (no, she’s a sophomore) but then not saying it… because he does have many, many redeeming qualities,,, it’s just that small details like that sometime escape him. So cute! Happy bday Joe! Can’t wait to hear your daily mercies story… I have a good one too! I’ll work on it. Blessings!

  insertgracehere wrote @

Thank you, Annie! I just read your post. God is so good! Thank you for sharing. The post if finally up. Thanks for your patience.

  Ginger wrote @

Too funny. He scares me sometimes… not really!

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