Insert Grace Here…

…finding grace to help in the time of need…

Give Him Thanks!

I’m sitting in the hotel room where Cammie is crashed out with Nana, Poppy and Sophie.  And lots of snoring is coming from the bed where Poppy and Sophie lay.  Lots of chip munching coming from Court’s direction.  Sweet sounds….

And Cammie’s combat boots sticking out from under a blanket…sweet sight… (Nana bought me a really cool t-shirt with a female soldier on the front and, “My Daughter Wears Combat Boots”.)

I’m givin’ Him  thanks!

In everything…EVERYTHING….give thanks….

…I thank Him for this visit, for the celebration, for the sweet hugs and salty tears, even for the snoring! 🙂

…And I’ll thank Him when I don’t want to let go, when there’s a huge lump in my throat.  I’ll thank Him for the protection I don’t see when my children are apart from me.  In September, a soldier from Cammie’s Company died.  His family was present today.  Please pray for them.  I refrained from sharing that news back when Cammie told me.  Now you know why I called the base as much as I did.  This young man did not die due to any type of neglegence from the base.  There were health issues.  Again, please pray for his family.

I cannot fathom their loss.  Nor the effect it had on those other soldiers.

But He IS God!  He IS on the throne!  And I will praise Him……..




  Ginger wrote @

Praising Him w/you sis and glad to hear all is well. So sorry to hear of this young soldier and his family.

With prayers and blessings to all,

  Ginger wrote @

BTW: Happy Thanksgiving to my family!! Check out my recent post, and tell Sophie to call me on her cell.

Love you all,

  Angie wrote @

“…and I’ll thank Him when I don’t want to let go.” How hard it is to open our hands to Him and give Him praise, yet how freeing it is to let go in obedience and love. Praying you enjoy your sweet reunion. Hurting for this family that must suffer heartache that I can’t even begin to imagine. As you said, truly, God is still on His throne, even when our hearts don’t feel it. Many blessings.

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