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Where’d You Get YOUR Driving Skills—Courtney?

As I mentioned in Ginger’s Driving Skills Q & A Interview, Courtney studied hard for her written test.  I believe that’s helped her tremendously with her driving skills.  She’s a cautious driver.  I know it kills her to ignore beep after beep or buzz after buzz (vibrate mode) on her cell phone as she receives innumerable texts.  But she stays focused.  Most of the time.

However, like the rest of us, she’s had her moments.  Like when she pulled into the garage, thought she pulled up enough, then decided she’d pull up a tad more…

…so she pressed the gas a bit too much…

…and left this….


Can Poppy fix it?

Can Poppy fix it?


…which was imprinted by this….



Good times!  So… while you’re laughing at our mishaps, we’d love to know, where’d you get YOUR driving skills???




  Ginger wrote @

Yes! Yet another glimmer of hope for the driving impaired.

  Annie wrote @

oh my goodness. how funny. well, funny to me, maybe not funny to you. 😉

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