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Driving Skills Q & A: Interview With Ginger

Q.  Let’s “drive” this interview home.  You’re almost 36, you don’t drive, but you have a driver’s permit.  How long have you had your permit?

A.  Dunno, it’s been so long.  Guess I’ll have to look that one up.  Seriously, I’ll go look. (Checks purse.) The original issue date of my permit was June 2003.  It expired January 2007.  I renewed it.  (That’s nearly five and a half years.)

Q.  How long did you study before taking the test?  How well did you do?

A.  Not long because I had taken a Defensive Driving Course and knew the answers, so I did pretty well.

Q.  Unlike many teens and adults who study just enough to pass, Courtney was determined to retain what she learned from the study book and the Driver’s Ed classes.  She’s corrected me on the meaning of several road signs as well as rights of way at certain intersections.  I’ve seen first hand how she has applied what she learned from the written test as well as the driving test.  It has certainly affected her driving skills in a positive way.  Would you agree that your determination to know the letter of the law pertaining to driving will give you an edge you haven’t considered? 

A.  Well, I won’t say I’m as focused as Courtney, but I do feel it is important to learn those important details as she aspires to.  She is a great example to all of us, who would probably be a good teacher.  In specific to street signs, if you dont’ know what they mean, how can you be assured you will follow them as you should.  Putting that out front in the beginning sets the proper foundation for strong driving skills.  I haven’t really considered all, I am just determined to be the best driver I can.  As Mom always encourages me, and Jerry reinforces the necessity of paying attention, I am sure I will do fine.

Q.  How has your inability to drive affected your family?

A.  Jerry has to be my chauffeur, as you, Mom, and others can relate.  This has proved an added stress to all his responsibilities, while it has limited things I can do with the boys, family…etc.

Q.  Your boys will be of driving age before you know it.  What are your thoughts on that?

A.  The same as when we joked of Jamie, Cams, Courtney… Will they be getting their license before me?  If they can do, I can!

Q.  What would you say is the primary reason you have not moved forward with driving?

A.  Complacency and underlying fear.

Q.  On the other hand, what “drives” you to not give up?

A.  The faith that replaces that fear and shows me what I cannot see.

Q.  It sounds like you have a clear picture of what’s holding you back as well as what will “drive” you forward.  Wouldn’t you agree that ultimately, as followers of Christ, we must overcome fear?  Otherwise, it will not only bring torment, but can often times become debilitating and  wreak havoc in our lives.  I believe you’re ready.  NOW, it’s time to STEP OUT OF THE BOAT as your family and friends pray and cheer you on.

A.  Yes, I agree wholeheartedly!  As addressed in my original post, I must not only overcome for myself, but I must do so as a testimony to my boys—my family—and all who are standing with me.  Thank you for your prayers and support.






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Turned out great! Now how about some feedback?

[…] forget to stop by Rena’s for our driving Q & A interview and more from our series, Where’s You Get Your Driving […]

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