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Where’d You Get YOUR Driving Skills—Cammie?

I’ll be picking on Cammie and her driving skills today.  Because that’s the kind of mom I am.  Picking on my daugher while she’s away at basic training.

Cammie planned to wash her car one day this past summer and wanted me to move mine and Joe’s Mountaineers out of the garage so that she could pull in and vacuume hers.  I told her to go ahead and move my car out.  The look on her face screamed, “ARE YOU SURE?  IT’S REALLLLLY A TIGHT SQUEEZE….”

I ignored that look.  Moments later, she came back inside with a different look.  A perplexed, yet guilty look.  I followed her outside.  First, she points to the metal stripping on the side of the garage that has peeled away and is flashing like a neon sign:  BEWARE OF TEEN DRIVERS!

With a questionable serious look on her face, she points to the long piece of stripped metal and asks, “was THIS like this?”

SERIOUSLY?  “Uh, no Cammie.”

But it gets better.  She then escorts me over to my Mountaineer that is now parked in the driveway and points to the driver’s side of the bumper which is now sporting scuff marks and a few scrapes.  She manages the same look as moments before, and asks, “was THIS like that?”

SERRRIOUSSSSLY?  “No, Cammie.  No.  THAT was NOT like that.”  I wasn’t sure what else to say after that.  I scratched my head and asked her if she “remembered” anything happening while she was backing out.  Clearly it was just too traumatic to recall.

She managed to buff some of the scuff marks off of the bumper while I pounded the metal strip back in place.  “Just wait a while and I’ll tell Joedaddy.  It’ll be fine,”  I reassured her.

A few small nails later, and you can barely tell the “accident in question” ever happened.

Funny thing, though… even after our clean up, Joe noticed rather quickly that “THAT was NOT like that before”.  Guess he’s more perceptive (Okay, I’m not sure that was the right choice of words!  But I think you get the point…it was a bit late when I posted this.  SOMEBODY had to go and do a blog scavenger hunt that kept me up hunting realllly late…. Go check out Shannon at rocksinmydryer.  Sorry…no link…I’m tired!  Told you I was up hunting…)  than Cammie.  After all, she did have to point it all out to me. 😉




  Ginger wrote @

Too cute. At least her face, her sweet little warning of I so can’t do this, turned into I can because you had her try.

I mean, she DID accomplish her goal. The car was in the driveway, bumper scuffs included for free.

Thanks Cam, you give me hope… ha!


  Enjoyer of the Journey wrote @

How does your family create such CRAZY driving stories?! lol I love hearing stories about your loved ones; it makes me feel like I know you in person!!

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