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The Daily Mercies: The Difference Between Mercy and Grace

Sorry for the late post ladies.  This is still a fairly new process that we are not quite used too.  I neglected to post earlier and do hope you’ll join us with your thoughts and testimonies. There’s still time!! We are leaving this post open through today, so come on, leave your thoughts and post away! Thanks, Ginger


While Grace is defined as unmerited favor, We can say Mercy is unmerited compassion so,

Who is Grace?

She is one who imparts divine influence upon my heart through her reflection of my life.  She is one who is brought to me by benefit of the cross and has been placed before me in gift, and divine favor.

Some say she is made up of God’s riches at Christ’s expense.  Though this acronym may have its purpose, I am not partial to its definition as it can be misunderstood.

When asked who she is to me today I would simply reply, “She is one who knows all about me and still loves me the same.”  She has helped me find my way on the path of intimacy, as we say, “In to me see who I really am.  Can you, will you, still love me the same?”

Yes, this is Grace as I have come to know her so well through this time of greatest tribulation.  Oh how I must remember to let her in.  Without her, I fail so terribly trying to make things right on my own.

Knowing with God all things are possible, He sends her as my companion on this journey.  With sorrow and suffering so familiar in this place, I had become lost in despair.

Fear so overwhelmed me in the midnight hour, I failed to reach for her.  Then, in that still, small moment I found her.  She heard my cry and led me back to Him.

Him, my beloved Savior, who died to deliver me!  He saw my heart and gave me hind’s feet to trample upon these mountains.

Why then must I fail?  When I cry out, His hands are not shortened.  He is not lack according to His promise.  When I call upon His name, He delivers me from my enemies.

I will not reason with fear as he brings torment wherever he goes.  God did not call me to fellowship with failure, or to entertain pity, or pride!  That is what mercy is here for, a picture of His compassion.

For I “do” know whom I have believed and this, this is who He has called me to be.  To mirror mercy and flee reproach.

Intimidation and condemnation must flee here permanently, as I have submitted all to Him who is able to keep it.  Yes, He holds all in His hands and I am on my way.

I am so glad I found Grace to lead me home.  Through her seemingly effortless beauty the light of His love so shines bringing me trough this present darkness.

“Thank you Grace for lending your ear and reaching out your hand.  Now, I have the strength to turn the light on and press through what I cannot understand.

Thank you for reminding me of the prize still up ahead. I can’t give up; I must heed the higher call and run this race instead.

Thank you Grace for accompanying me down this narrow road.  With you by my side, who knows what truths we will behold?”

Thanks Jen and Rena!

and later,

Who is Mercy?

In His Steps,





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  Mrs. Q wrote @

Wow. I am so thankful I get to share what happened to us! May it inspire you as it did us 🙂


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