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Where’d You Get YOUR Driving Skills?

The material…. I don’t have to look far!

In case you wonder where the humor comes from in this family…

Yesterday, Nana and Poppy (my Mom and Dad) met Courtney, Sophie and me at Cracker Barrel.  They needed gas, I needed gas, Sophie had gas….but that’s another story about her going from yuck to yuckier the past few days.  Yep, still sick.

Poppy slid in the backseat to talk to Sophie after Nana took her turn.  Courtney was in the driver’s seat, I was in the front passenger seat.  Poppy looked at Courtney, then at me.  “You know, you’re putting your life in her hands,” he said half grinning.

“ALL our lives, actually,” I said, taking it a step further.

“My Grandaddy wouldn’t let me drive ’til I was six,” Poppy nonchalantly shared.

SIX?  He cracked us up!  After the giggles, he continued, “yea, he’d get drunk and I’d have to drive home, but I couldn’t reach the pedals.”

I didn’t realize he was SERIOUS!  UH…of COURSE he couldn’t reach the pedals! HE WAS SIX! 

He went on to explain that his Grandaddy would put his foot on the gas while he steered the car.  Are you picturing this?  “But you know how drunk people get?” he continued his story.  He demonstrated by closing his eyes as if he was nodding off.  “WE’RE AT A STOP,” he would tell his Grandaddy to jar him awake to brake.  “The roads weren’t like they are today,” Poppy defended.

Let’s see….Poppy is 71 um, that’s 70(Sorry, Dad…).  That was 65 (oops….)64 years ago.  I’d say the roads were a bit different.  Still, can you PICTURE that? 

And we get a bit nervous with Courtney driving.  🙂  Driver’s Ed or drunk Grandaddy?  Where’d you get YOUR driving skills?

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  Ginger wrote @

Ha! Ha! Ha! Laughing and really missing the Poppy!! My driving skills?? Well let’s see???

  insertgracehere wrote @


Tell us about your skills! It’s important….

Your Sister

  Mrs. Q wrote @

Oh my! Fortunately I didn’t have any drunk relatives that taught me how to drive…just my Dad who proceeded to drain every bit of fun out the experience. But I learned!

  Driving Skills? WHAT Driving Skills? | Here’s My Cup Lord wrote @

[…] my recent post, I asked, “Where’d You Get YOUR Driving Skills?”  Well, you wanna’ know about MY sister’s driving skills (or lack thereof)?  […]

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