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WFMW: The Modern Mullet


You’re probably scratching your head and scrolling down to view pics that you’re thinking will resemble Joe Dirt.  …And now scrolling back up to try to make sense of this post.  Isn’t the word “mullet” scary?

Be that as it may, my haircut is in fact a version of “The Modern Mullet”.  I KNOW!  WHY would anyone even bring back such a word?  We all know that history repeats.  Hopefully, with improvements.

Before you view these pics (which are self-pics with the exception of one) keep in mind that I don’t exactly use the word “mullet” when discussing my haircut.  With the exception of the Works For Me Wednesday Carnival, of course. 

My wonderful hairstylist and friend, Suzonne, was recently given free reign over my hair.  I ended up with what I like to call “The Rod Stewart” look.  That’s about how I’d sum it up.  A crazy, rocked-out, Rod Stewart look.  Also keep in mind that this “do” works best with lots of teasing and volume of which I had little today.  I’m so prepared.

This website (enter if you dare…but beware of extreme styles and bad spelling) states, “The Modern Mullet is cut short and at an angle in the front.  It also has the appearance of multiple layers, long in the back and shaggy…”

Not so scary?

Not so scary?

Choppy layers...

Choppy layers...

NOT Joe Dirt!

NOT Joe Dirt!

Courtesy of Joe!

Courtesy of Joe!

Okay…the first three pictures are obviously taken by yours truly.  AND, I might add, on a not-so-great hair day.  This haircut begs for lots and LOTS of teasing which I don’t mind AT ALL!  Yes,  you heard right…I am actually welcoming big hair.  Guess I miss the ’80s.  IMPROVED big hair, of course.  The last pic was taken by Joe (Joedaddy, NOT Joe Dirt 😉 ) while I was none the wiser.  The hair was a little fuller and of course would have made for a great full shot picture for this post.  Buuuuttt, instead, I did my best to pull off those first few on a day that I did not wash my hair.  GASP.  Not something that I can get away with, people.  But I had a sick kid today.  Didn’t you read my last post?

There you have it.  This post might not have been pulled together enough to do the “do” justice.  You may be laughing.  You may be thinking I should’ve saved this for a Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You post.  Or maybe you’re still horrified over the word mullet.

If you view the aforementioned website, you probably noticed that this cut can be very edgy.  Mine, not so much.  At least I don’t think so.  Hopefully you’ve learned something.  If so, leave a comment.

And if you’re in the Baton Rouge area and are just dying to have your own Modern Mullet, check out my hairstylist, Suzonne—owner of Studio 180.

And THAT’S what works for me!  (I think…)  For more Works For Me Wednesday tips, visit Shannon at rocks in my dryer.

…stayed tuned for the upcoming post on Suzonne—She Rocks Our Hair!





  Mrs. Q wrote @

Your hair-do totally rocks! I love the layers…so sassy!

  Brittany wrote @

Your hair looks great. I have to say in your profile picture I couldn’t tell which one was you. You look so young. It looks more like you’re sisters and not mother and daughter.

  Sherry wrote @

Great do! 😀 I’m in need of a cut soon, so I might have to get a mullet. 😀

  Ginger wrote @

You know I think your hair rocks, but I’m a lil’ scared of that site… ha! This one kind of reminds me a of my short shag, remember?

  Rachel K wrote @

very cute.

  Blue Castle wrote @

Oh your hair looks so nice! 🙂

  growingolder wrote @

Enjoyed your web site and your comments.

  Brittany wrote @

Thanks for the email. I had my info wrong, you should be able to get to my blog now. I usually freak out after leaving the salon. It takes a few times of fixing it before I can actually not hate it.

  Betty Beguiles wrote @

Cute haircut! And my goodness, you are beautiful! 🙂

  Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates wrote @

I love your hair!! It’s really cute – I would like to do something similar with mine, actually.

  Lisa Demars wrote @

Love your new look ! Hot momma!

P.S I have a new video on my blog! I think you will love it!

Have a great day!

  Rachel wrote @

Oooh I LOVE your hair! Don’t tempt me to drive to BR just to get a hair cut!

I’ve been told I have a mullet too because of all my layers. I, however, prefer to call it a “choppy bob.”

Either way, they both sound bad. 🙂

  punke217 wrote @


  Annie wrote @

That hair is SO cute! Apparently, when I was away on my cruise, you were getting a great cut. I absolutely love it and think that you are so pretty! It’s hard to believe that you have a daughter in military school. I am going to be catching up on your blog entries. I couldn’t take the time with any other blogs, but I am making the time with yours. I appreciate your prayers while I was gone. We had a great time, and the kids, of course, were just fine. : )

  Works For Me: Thrift Store Jeans – Rocks In My Dryer wrote @

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