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The Controversial Toddler

So, I’ve told you that Sophie knows that Cammie and Courtney’s last name is Sutton.  She also knows that her name is Sophie Gunther.  Mine switches from Mommy Gunther to Rena Gunther, and her Dad’s is Daddy Gunther, Joe Gunther or even Joedaddy. 

Here’s where she unwittingly becomes controversial.  Or does she know what she’s doing?  Hmmm….

While in the car, she’ll often ask a series of “what’s COURTNEY’S name?  what’s CAMMIE’S name?”, etc., that she usually answers herself.  Several weeks ago she recited her sisters’ names, “Cammie SUT-TON.  Courtney SUT-TON”.  Then followed with, “what’s MY name?  Sophie GUN-TER.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

And then….”what’s YOUR name?”

“You know my name.  What is it?”

“Rena SUT-TON,” she teases and grins.

“NOOO.  Rena GUNTHER,” I correct what she already knows in between my muffled giggles.

“Rena SUTTTT-TON,” she continues. 

“Okay.  Well, lets make sure we say ‘Rena GUNTHER’ when we play this game with Dad.”

But it doesn’t stop there.  She randomly announces while riding in the car (What is it with the car and these topics?), “I love Darren.”  Just in case I might not have heard that, “MOMMY, I LOVE Darren!”

Oh, how sweet.  She loves Darren.  That would be her sisters’ father, people.  My ex-husband.  Big Mama, I can hear you giggling.  (FYI….This is NOT a reference to The Big Mama Blog.  The girls have a Big Mama too.  Only she doesn’t have a blog.)

But WAIT!  Yes, there’s more.  She started questioning Courtney—you guessed it, in the car—about “her Dad”.  “Who’s YOUR Daddy, Courtney?”  Toddler mockery lurked in the air.  She followed up, “WHERE’S your Daddy, Courtney?”  You’d swear she knows exactly what she’s doing by her tone, smirk and twinkle in her eye.  I’ve always wondered how we’d explain this situation.  But I didn’t expect the questions to come this soon.

We’re grateful that she shows genuine love for her sisters’ family.  So, just in case you’re feeling a bit defensive of the Joedaddy, he’s not threatened in the least.  By the way, Sophie’s occasional use of “Joedaddy” often appears to be a poke at Courtney.  Before Sophie was born, Courtney was adamant that she didn’t “think” Sophie should call him Joedaddy.  We got it.  That name, though used by numerous nephews and neices on my side as well as the children I once watched, was chosen by Cammie and Courtney and clearly Courtney was feeling a bit of….well, something.  Fill in the blank. 😉 And obviously, Joe is Sophie’s Daddy.  But, it’s not uncommon for her to repeat what she hears.  I just have to wonder about her timing and delivery.

Today, (YESSS, in the car!) while Courtney was in the front seat minding somebody’s business on the cell, Sophie said, “STOP, Courtney.”

“NO, I didn’t DO anything, Sophie.”

“WHATEVER!  MEAN!  …Acting like that,” she taunted.

WHAT?  “ACTING like that?” 

Finally, while in public (and sometimes in private), she’ll randomly say in her outdoor voice, “Don’t!  HIT!  Me!”  The thing is, it doesn’t exactly follow a “HIT” or spank or idle threat for that matter.  Just random.  So I’m learning to ignore the little tyrade as well as the onlookers as much as possible . 

Oh WAIT!  One more!  Last week I hollered at Sophie as she darted towards our car and a bit too close to the road while we were outside of my best friend’s insurance agency.  If I remember correctly, it went something like this, “SOPHIE!  GET OVER HERE, NOW!”  I don’t recall implying anything else.

Her reply:  “I’m NOT pumpin’ gas!”  And she darted off again while I explained that really, she’s never been forced to pump gas. 🙂

That’s it!  For tonight anyway, she’s stirring up stuff almost daily….it’s like a bad soap opera or tabloid news.




  Ginger wrote @

That’s right Sophie Jeanne! You tell ’em… I’m not pumpin’ gas either!

  Audra Krell wrote @

Oh my goodness, how hilarious is she? But then, I don’t have to live with her. You are blessed! : )

  Laura wrote @

Well – ain’t she a little “stuff starter” – Nothing like stirring the pot to get things cooking! That makes me laugh that she knows how to goodie at her teenage sister! What a little fireball…

I’m a Believer!

  Enjoyer of the Journey wrote @

I’m not a fan of gas pumping either, especially come the cold winter months. What a witty little chicky she is!!

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