Insert Grace Here…

…finding grace to help in the time of need…

The Day After…

Before I went to bed last night, God was on His throne.   When I woke up this morning, God was still on His throne.

Emotions are up and down.  Like many Americans, I’m concerned about our future as a nation.  I have a lot of questions.  But you know what?  Christ has answers.  He “is” the answer.

...And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.  Luke 21:28 (KJV) (*Read Luke 21:7-36)

Our Pastor preached a timely message this past Sunday on the coming of Christ.  It’s obvious that much is happening across the globe that points to the events of the end times.  Yet, no man knows the hour nor the day (Matthew 24:36).

So what do we do?

…Occupy till I come.  Luke 19:13 (KJV)

Even so, Lord Jesus, come QUICKLY.



  Laura wrote @

Wow Rena!

I told someone almost the exact same thing this morning when they were talking about losing sleep over this last night. I said, “Last time I checked, God was not voted off the throne.”

This happened on His watch. No one (including slick campaigners) got anything over on God. You and I know that anything that happens to His children held in His hand has been lovingly filtered through His strong fingers. The most frightening thing about this is that God allowed it, so that may mean it’s judgment time for our (obama)nation. I’m grateful to be held tightly in the grip of His nail-scarred hands.

Hallelujah anyway!

I’m a Believer!

  Annie wrote @

Dear Rena,

Your posts are my very favorite ones of all blogdom! They are so sweet and comforting and glorifying to the Lord our Savior. I apologize for being absent… it seems life has picked me up by the tail and swung me around. Everything is fine, just busy!!! It seems I hardly have time to sit down at the computer. But when I do, I check on you and your wonderfully stated thoughts. Thank you to you and your commenter for saying what you said … I agree, God holds the history of man in His very hand. God also hold US in the palm of his hand, so we have great freedom in that. Just as the day when Jesus’ followers were scratching their heads when Jesus was crucified, so are many of us scratching our heads at this election. “If God is in this…. then how did this happen?” But HE has a marvelous plan and can work it through all different kinds of people… all to HIS glory. Let’s not get caught scratching our heads… let’s look with great expectation to see the work that He is doing!

Whew… certainly didn’t mean to turn that into a lecture or something (hope it didn’t come off like that), but I feel so thankful and hopeful to see others out there who are in prayer and with great belief that GOD IS ON THE THRONE.

I love your blog. Keep it up!!! I’ll check out your meme too, however, I’ll be out of town for a week. Please pray for my family to be safe and my safe return.


  Ginger wrote @

May I say simple, yet ‘profound’. I new these words would bless me, as the phrases and thoughts you’ve shared often spring up in times of need. God has sooo used you in keeping me firm. You are truly like “that tree” planted by the water. You have such strong roots. Though life may move you, YOU remain forever firm. You stand!

It is you that has taught by example to entrust in the King of Kings who remains on His Throne… HIS THRONE, and it is He who will lead us and this country!!

Trusting with you my big sister, with much pride in who you are, and in who your girls have become!

love, your lil’ sis,

  Ginger wrote @

Agreeing with Laura and Annie as well!!

  Mrs. Q wrote @


Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog.

Way to go on your electricity bill! I’m glad that any advice I had to offer helped you out. Sometimes, at least for me, it takes someone else telling me I can do it. Encouragement goes a long ways as a motivator for me 🙂

I hope that you can continue to find little ways to keep money from flying out the door 🙂

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