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Military Mom Blues

On this historical Election Day, I will not direct my post to the polls.  Be sure my thoughts and prayers include today’s outcome.  But my daughter is on my heart.

I miss Cammie.  Today, she will be among many on base at Fort Jackson who will vote.  She BETTER be!  And by the grace of God, she is soon to graduate.  Nana and Poppy will be joining us on our trip to South Carolina the week of Thanksgiving.  I’m counting down the days.

I’ve struggled over the past month plus as a mom letting go.  I’d like to say that I’ve bravely gone where so many other moms have gone before.  But I’m not so sure that calling the Military Base would help that statement.  Do other moms call the Military Bases where their children temporarily reside?

In my defense, I had good reason for my first call.  Yesssss, I said “first” call.  There was at least one more call.  Now cut me some slack.  The first call was for information regarding requirements for family transporting soldiers to AIT.  Per Cammie’s request.  Really! When your less than ten minute phone call from your daughter consists mostly of her insistence that we are “required” to bring her to AIT, what other options do you have?  I was certain this was not the case.

But, “I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be bringing me, Mom.  In fact, I’m like 100% sure,” requires a follow-up call to the base.  Never mind that her “pretty sure” quickly turned to “100%”.  Never mind that the Fort Jackson website that I’ve become quite familiar with states that Soldiers are transported via Military; however, in some cases permission is granted for family members to transport them.  Never mind that travelling eleven hours to South Carolina (and back) with a toddler is more than anyone should have to endure.  I couldn’t just dismiss the possibility of driving Cammie another five hours to Virginia.

After numerous phone calls and at least one email, I found the right person(s).  Turns out, we can transport Cammie to AIT.  But since she will have at least one pass off base to spend time with us, it’s just not feasible to drive her five hours in a packed out SUV with a toddler.  I received a phone call in response to my “shot in the dark email” from her Battalion Commander.  Imagine that! After he confirmed the details, I sent another letter to Cammie that probably arrived days after she called home again.  That’s the way it seems to work.  I pour out my heart in letters  entitled, The Cammie Chronicles that actually began over a year ago while she was in YCP.  I give glorious details including information I’ve learned regarding AIT transportation—excluding details of how I’ve learned this information—remind her of how proud I am and how I can’t wait to see her and I love her more than fill-in-the-blank.  Then I receive my next Sunday phone call only to find she hasn’t received my letter.  Figures.  These phones calls are quite fascinating bits of tears and laughter and seconds of “HEY CAMMIE” from Sophie, mingled with confusing fragments of information about graduation and AIT and “who’s coming to graduation”.

But I treasure every single minute.  Her call Sunday was only five minutes.  NO!  If you check my cell call log, you’ll find it was only three minutes and some seconds.  HEAVY sigh.  She is doing far better than several weeks ago.  I’m not sure she’s passed her PT tests yet.  But she’s come a long way from zero push-ups to 17, last count.  She needs 19 to pass.  She’ll make it!  Please keep her in your prayers.  By the way, many of them arrive having learned incorrect push-ups.  That information is of little comfort, though, after hanging up with a sobbing daughter who is certain she just won’t graduate basic training.  Hence, the last phone call from “Mama Bear” checking out the situation with her cub, er, daughter.  I had to know the possibilities of her not graduating.  REALLY!

This has been a long process for us as well as Cammie, starting over a year ago.  If you haven’t read Cammie’s story, check it out.  It will provide a bit of insight.  I’ve watched Cammie grow exponentially over the past year and a half and I marvel at the work of grace over her life.  Yet, as I continue to encourage her to move beyond her emotions and stand firmly on Christ and His promises, I am challenged myself.

Nevertheless, He is faithful.

I cannot comprehend being amongst young men and women in training for such a noble duty.  It simply does not compute in my mind.  So I will choose to grasp this:  “His grace IS sufficient”.  I was told during my last phone call to the base that many of the Soldiers in training will not be voting.  Stunned does not suffice.  How could it be that one would sign up to fight for one’s nation, yet NOT VOTE?

After January 1, 2009, our troops could be on their way home.  But would that be a “good” thing?  Or many more—including my daughter—could have orders to be deployed.  But would that be a “bad” thing?  Regardless of the outcome tonight, God will still be on His throne tomorrow.  And I will have another opportunity to trust the God of the universe not only with my own life, but with the lives of my children and my loved ones.  Even in the midst of uncertainty.

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever.  Amen.  Jude 1:24-25 (KJV)



  Ginger wrote @

Excuse me! It’s still hard to see Cams voting and in the military no less. I am proud of you and blessed by this post. I love the verse you left, and know that we are trusting with you.

  The Apron Queen wrote @

Just wanted to give you my support. I’m a military Mom to our 21 yr old son at Ft Bragg and military wife to my Army husband.

Thank you so much for the love and support you are showing your daughter. Thank you for taking pride in our nation’s military.


  Ken wrote @

As a vet who served on several military bases I wish that I had a mother who worried and prayed for me as you do for Cammie, just know that you are always in her heart and in her prayers as well and always remember god is watching over her with you.


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