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I’ve Been Tagged

Annie @ We’re Having A Ball tagged me.  My instructions are to list 7 weird or random things about myself.  Annie totally rocked with her list!  Check it out. 

Let’s see what I can come up with…

  1. I’m addicted to dental floss.  I rarely skip flossing when I brush my teeth.  That means that on many days I floss three or four times.
  2. I burp loudly!  I KNOW!  Feminine, huh?  My Dad once told me that I exaggerate my burps.  Really Dad, I don’t.  If I did, you’d think we were having an earthquake.  Joe often takes cover when I bolt upright in bed and get “the look”.
  3. When I do laundry, I rotate my towels and even Joe’s underwear.  The clean towels and underwear must go at the bottom of the stack.  If someone else puts the laundry away, I just deal with it.  If I do laundry, must be rotated.  Crazy?? 
  4. I LOVE the ocean!  I know you all know that by now!  However, I’m not exactly a great swimmer.  I can swim.  I’m not afraid of the water.  But you’d think that someone with such a deep love for the ocean would not have to hold her nose under water.  I also don’t like to open my eyes under water.  And I can’t dive.
  5. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY!  Especially All-Natural Creamy Peanut Butter and Sugar-free Blackberry Jelly.  On Sara Lee wheat bread, of course.  I eat it AT LEAST three times a week.  Most weeks it’s probably six times.  I don’t know if I’d pick it over Seafood for one food I could eat for the rest of my life, though.  Or chocolate… 
  6. I stink at sports!  Courtney sure didn’t get her athletic ability from me!  I played softball once when I was nine.  I was out in left field.  Both figuratively and LITERALLY!  When the ball came my way, I didn’t usually notice.  I was too busy folding the bottom of my shorts up like all the cool kids in the late 70’s, playing with my hair or picking flowers.
  7. I often correct other people’s English… under my breath, of course.  Unless it’s reality T.V. in which case I shout loudly, “It’s MINE AND RYAN’S WEDDING!  NOT…RYAN AND I’S!”  I apostrophe s, REALLY????  I realize that I am apt to use incorrect English.  Yet, I’m dumbfounded ESPECIALLY when people on camera say things like, “things are going great for ‘fill-in-the-blank’ and I”.  NO! NO! NOOOOO, they’re not!  THINGS ARE GOING GREAT FOR ‘fill-in-the-blank’ AND ME!  Admittedly sad.  Now I think I’ll run spell check because I’m sure I’ll make lots of errors now that I’ve confessed this!

Now I think I’ll tag the following to see if they will share their various and sundry weirdnesses with us:



  Audra Krell wrote @

You are hilarious. I correct people’s english and a whole lot more, under my breathe! Thanks for the tag, I was tagged with this one sometime in the past several months and don’t have anything else interesting about myself! : ) Well….I am a professional member of the Academy of Country Music and that didn’t make the list the last time! Have a blessed week! : )

  Enjoyer of the Journey wrote @

This is the first time I’ve ever been tagged, and I’m looking forward to contributing to…whatdya call it…sundry weirdness? That’s great! FYI: We have, undoubtedly, number two of your seven in common. I was the only girl for 16 years, so if there is one thing I learned how to do, it was let out a mean burp.

  I’ve Been Tagged « Enjoyer of the Journey wrote @

[…] Been Tagged Posted on October 12, 2008 by Enjoyer of the Journey Rena over at Insert Grace Here tagged me.  My instructions are to list 7 weird or random things about myself.  Rena and I, […]

  Ginger wrote @

Ok, I will try and post mine in the am or sometime soon.

  Laura wrote @

Ok – I hope that your are satisfied. I always knew you were a little too nosy for your own good. (I think I’m in a sarcastic mood today!)

I love ya!


  Annie wrote @

Dear Rena, You are so darn cute. Thanks for playing along with my tag. I have enjoyed reading your list and the list of a few of your friends. We have #1 and #6 in common. I sometimes fantasize about the moment I get to go floss (in fact, I think I’ll go do it right after this) and I am terrible at sports. Funny, because I married a basketball coach, and if I ever get out on court and shoot around, I can barely even hit the rim. In college, I got cut from the intramural basketball team for my sorority. Sad, but true. I think we have some other things in common too! Have a great week… I’ll email soon! :0) Blessings, Annie

  Rachel wrote @

OK I’m gonna have to do this. It’s my first time being tagged with this. 🙂

  Mama Belle wrote @

Sorry about the burping. I try to not burp in front of my girls because of the un-lady-like-ness, but it never works out. Oh well.

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