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WFMW–Trash Bags That Make Me GLAD




I LOVE  Glad Tall Kitchen Quick Tie Bags! 

After Hurricane Gustav’s visit to Louisiana, grocery store shelves were wiped out!  Cleaning supplies and trash bags were hard to find.  With no Glad bags in site, I was forced to buy another popular brand that will remain nameless.  Let’s just say it does NOT hold up to its name.  I’ve torn almost every bag I’ve changed so far.  Simply opening the bags has been challenging. 

This temporary switch has reminded me of just how “GLAD” I am to use Glad! 🙂  Easy to open, easy to tie, they don’t tear….what more could I ask for in a trash bag?

YES, I’m that “GLAD” about them!  That’s  what works for me!  For more Works For Me Wednesday tips, visit Shannon at rocks in my dryer.



  Rachel wrote @

I heart Glad too. Especially the Force Flex. I get them at Sam’s because they are a little bit cheaper there.

  Ginger wrote @

You have soo lost your mind! Ha! Not really, “glad” to see you out there.

  Rachel wrote @

I also use Glad. I think they are the best ones on the market.

  Suzanne Wells wrote @

Some things are just worth paying for. Cheapo garbage bags are just a disaster waiting to happen.

  C.Apana wrote @

thanks for stopping by my page. I know what you mean about those trash bags. So when you close doors in your house make sure when you clean house spiritually use those glad bags…ha..ha…

  Laura wrote @

Hey Rena – when you find some bags that will automatically sense when they are full, tie themselves and speak to the next person who walks by and say – “HEY! YO’ GARBAGE CAN IS FULL! TAKE OUT THA TRASH!” – please let me know! Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to make do with these…

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