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…finding grace to help in the time of need…

Waiting For Inspiration…

I’ve sat staring at my computer screen with absolutely nothing to write for what seems like eons.  I’ve felt this way quite a bit lately.  Schedules have been hectic.  Lack of time has meant less writing.  But when I do find a moment to sit and blog, I struggle tremendously with what to write.  Writer’s block?

I’ve prayed on this.  Moments ago as I sat here, I felt a nudge from the Lord to read a bit instead.  I was drawn like metal to a magnet to a favorite on my blogroll.  Without thinking twice, I clicked on Donna’s blog—Thirsty.

…and there it was.  Her post Uninspired spelled out exactly where I am.  I was especially moved by the Scripture she used from Lamentaions 3.  THAT is one of my absolute favorites and the inspiration for The Daily Mercies  posts that my sister, Ginger, and I write.  We have been praying about those posts. 

I encourage you to visit Donna today and be blessed.  For now, I will rest in the Lord and wait on Him.



  Annie wrote @

wow, you are right… that was a fabulous post. I am going to try to read it tonight when things are…..less hectic. At least you are thoughtful about these things. I just keep on posting sometimes when I have nothing to say and the results are pretty shabby. Thanks for your honesty.

  Laura wrote @

thanks Rena — me three! I debated on writing a post that said “I don’t know what to post”… but I didn’t…

I’m now working on a message for tonight that God lovingly delivered to me just as I was starting to think “I GOT NOTHIN’!” He is faithful when we WAIT!

I’m a Believer!

  Ginger wrote @

Go look back in my drafts. Seek the Lord and allow Him to inspire you as He did when you began The Daily Mercies. Know, the same God who led you then, is with you now. See if you want to complete those posts and go from there.

Thank you for inspiring me as always,

  Donna wrote @

Hi Rena,

I love hearing about God moving and meeting people right where they are. God is interested in what you write and He does want to use you to reach others for Him and inspire his girls around the world! Awesome!

I am honoured and humbled to be used by Him as part of that. Write on sis!

Love Donna

  Laura wrote @

Thanks for the confirmation! I’ve posted again… 🙂 yay! dry spell over… 🙂

I’m a Believer!

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