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Time For Her To Fly

Cammie is off to basic training at Fort Jackson…  Her flight landed in South Carolina some time this evening.  When she boarded in New Orleans, her shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream were confiscated.  She was NOT happy.  I really think her paperwork should have specified the sizes allowed since they could only have one bag and it had to be carry-on.  Sure, it can be replaced.  But tell that to an 18 year-old female with very little possessions on her.  I have no idea when I will hear from her next. 

Simply surreal.  Yesterday’s battle over my fluctuating emotions was conquered partly because of my relentless schedule.  Dropping her off brought back memories of YCP last year.  Only this time she is an adult.  Still 18 to me.  An adult, but also my child.  Don’t tell her that.  She gets quite defensive when I tell others that Sophie has teenage sisters.  “I’m an adult, MOM.  NOT a teenager.”

“Um, Cammie?  You’re still a teenager.  Eight-teeeen.  An adult, but still a teenager,” I attempt to reason.

“NOOOOO.  I’m an ADULT.”

Ok.  Fine.  But did you see the pictures on my fridge?  She seems caught between the two–adolescence and adulthood.  And she’s off to basic training for the National Guard.  I think of her every time I see Warriors in our area still giving their time post-Gustav and Ike. 

Last year, I not only knew exactly where Cammie was at YCP, I could call her counselor whenever I just wanted to check in on her.  This year, I have no clue where exactly she is.  Fort Jackson, sure.  But what’s the address?  And when is graduation?  Am I really going to have to depend on her to find out these things?  Heavy sigh.

I remind myself that she will be fine.  God is in control; therefore, I CANNOT be.  This is not war.  It’s basic training.  But this is my first time here in this place.  If any of you are Military Moms, I would really love to hear from you.  I’ve said it before, but I don’t know HOW to be one.  I would love to hear your stories.  Please send a comment or email me.  If you’re close by, we can start a Military Moms hangout night.  Kidding…. unless you’re interested, of course. 😉

Please keep Cammie in your prayers over the next weeks.  One of her biggest concerns last year seems to be weighing on her again–Sophie forgetting her.  I’ve explained that Cammie will be gone for a while.  Sophie rehearses continually, “Cammie is bye-bye.  Fly in airplane to Nash-ul Guard.” 

Your prayers for Cammie are coveted.  And while you’re at it, please remember her Mom as well.

Many thanks,

P.S.  I just received some texts from Cammie.  Apparently I did not hear my phone when the first one went through.  The second one said “I love you.”  I may now be moving from heavy sighs to heaving and wailing.  She is on a bus heading to Fort Jackson.  I can just about sense her uneasiness in her messages.  Off to give it to Jesus….



  Big Mama wrote @

Cammie with no shampoo!!!! Boy that is a real
test for her. You have gave her wonderful guidance in her life and no she will do great things!!! Everything happens for a Reason, BELIEVE…

Cammie will survive. Today at the Council on Aging 92 Seniors lifted her up in pray.
What a wonderful moment in my day!!!!

  Ginger wrote @

Trusting with you sis, trusting with you!

  Annie wrote @

Hello Rena – thanks for visiting my blog today! I appreciate your comments and have to admit I’ve considered a reversal for our family, but my husband has not, and well, that’s KEY isn’t it! ; ) Your post today about Cammie held a special place in my heart since I have a Kami of my own… my oldest daughter. It’s amazing to me that you are doing so well and sounding so calm. Surely, the truths of God’s word must be sustaining you. Psalms 91 is the scripture that my Granny prayed over my uncle while he was in Vietnam and a scripture that is special to me for that reason. I will be checking back on you and your family. Love your blog!!!

  Michelle wrote @

Boy howdie, I have tears just reading that. You are being so strong and secure in Christ.

I too have a teenager and a toddler (you may have noticed when you were at my blog, LOL).

  S.O.S – Seeking Our Savior | Here’s My Cup Lord wrote @

[…] our own spin on things while trusting in our Deliverer.  With that, we stand with our niece Cammie who is in the National Guard and believing for those in Iraq.  Through our coming election and all […]

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