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Sibling Rivalry?

Earlier this week Courtney gave us a break and entertained Sophie for a while in her room.  Later that night, Sophie produced a beautiful piece of art work on a Post-it note.

“It’s BEAUTIFUL,” I said.  “Thank you, Sophie.  Let’s put it on the refrigerator for everyone to see.”

The next day Cammie noticed the picture.  “What’s this? Art work?”

“YESSS,” I said, detecting her subtle sarcasm. 

That night was a sleepless night.  Apparently Sophie still has some symptoms of Hurricane Gustav Virus as she is rebelling against sleeping in her bed.  After she made countless trips to our room with her blanky in hand, I succumbed and put her in our bed.  Many kicks and jabs later, I evicted her.  I was frustrated.  I stopped at the fridge on my way back to my room for some Diet Coke and a little snack. 

This is what I found:

Sibling Rivalry?

Sibling Rivalry?

(Sophie–2 years old in one week on the 19th, Cammie–18 years old 😉 )
My frustration melted.  I stood giggling for quite a while.  (Chuckie is a magnet, by the way.)  The next day, Cammie asked me if I noticed her art work.  I was sure to tell her that her picture melted away my frustrations of the night.  She stood for a moment staring at it. 
“I really think mine is better because it has more color.”
I have a feeling these pictures are going to bring me much comfort in the days ahead as Cammie leaves for basic.



  Ginger wrote @

Art work no doubt. Sooo love it!

  Time For Her To Fly « Insert Grace Here… wrote @

[…] Fine.  But did you see the pictures on my fridge?  She seems caught between the two–adolescence and adulthood.  And she’s off to basic […]

  Michelle wrote @


  Annie wrote @

TOO funny! What a spirited, creative girl you have! : )

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