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…finding grace to help in the time of need…

Beauty Queen by Maybelline

What happens when you leave your toddler in the car with a make-up bag on the seat next to her for what seems to be only seconds so you, your daughter and her friend can dash in the house to drop off laundry baskets, grab ice chests and a couple of other items post-Hurricane Gustav?
Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen Maybelline Maybelline

….this is what the toddler held onto during the aftermath….
Notice on the first pic….she got those lashes pretty good! 



  Enjoyer of the Journey wrote @

In all honesty, I’m pretty impressed. I mean, her eyelashes were very well coated in the first pic. I certainly couldn’t do that as a toddler. Although, I was a master at drawing bullseye circles on the top of my little brothers bald head…

  punke217 wrote @

she looks like an Egyptian. Just kidding! Funny. 😉

  Rachel wrote @


  Mrs. Q wrote @

It’s so much worse when it is your little boy….

Mr. Dramatic got into my mascara, eye-liner, and toenail polish! This was pre-digital camera days, I wish I had a photo like yours to capture the moment!

LOL…she did a great job on the mascara! 🙂

  Laura wrote @

HEY!!! Is that where my mascara went???

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