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Remembering Grandpa Ted (10/11/1919 – 09/03/2006)

Two years ago we lost someone special—Grandpa Ted.  He was step-father to Joe and his siblings, husband to Grandma (A.K.A. Meeka), father to five daughters, Grandpa and even Great-Grandpa to many.

Ted died at almost 87 years old.  He had Alzheimer’s, diabetes and complications that go along with it and additional problems that I honestly do not recall.

What I do recall is his huge smile, the way “hello” sounded when he greeted me, his sense of humor, partnering with him in card games and the countless stories of his life that he told over and over.  I recall the many years of witnessing to him about Jesus, how he would often tell me that he wouldn’t say he didn’t believe, but he wouldn’t say that he did.  I recall the many times that Courtney prayed for him with me at her bedside when she was younger and sensing the genuine burden that she felt.  I recall waiting expectantly for the open doors from the Lord to talk with Ted about Jesus.

For years it seemed that Ted was slowly slipping away.  Grandma’s primary role was caretaker.  Those last weeks and especially days were heartbreaking.  Between the Alzheimer’s and the medications he was on, Ted was often incoherent.  He would babble on as if he were somewhere in the past.  Back in business as owner and supervisor, he would  bark out orders.  It was difficult to know what to do at those times.  But Grandma went right along with him.  She would see to it that the orders he sent were carried out.  No problem.  She was right there with him until the end.

Moments in his right mind were few and far between during those days.  I recall hoping and praying for a window of opportunity to open for ministry.

Ted was saved on his death bed.  Literally.  One week before he died, his nephew (I believe it was his nephew) was ministering to him.  Ted didn’t speak much.  He did say that he had done some bad things in his life.  With an open window, Jesus was once again introduced to Ted.  His nephew asked him if he wanted to pray.  He told Ted to squeeze his hand.  Ted did.  He told Ted that he would pray, pause and wait for a hand squeeze of agreement.  And Ted did.

A few weeks ago when Cammie turned 18, Grandma—now Meeka (dubbed by Sophie)–came across a Testament that Cammie had given Grandpa Ted many years ago.  We had all forgotten.  She wanted Cammie to have it.  It almost took my breath away.  I opened it up to see Cammie’s childish signature inside.  A flood of memories washed over me.  Those prayers Courtney prayed… that we all prayed.  God was faithful.

Like the thief on the cross who chose Christ, Ted didn’t have long on this earth with his Saviour.  But he does have an eternity to live in His presence.  What an awesome God we serve!

Sixteen days after Ted’s death, Sophie was born.  Meeka has often said that it seems Ted’s spirit brushed Sophie’s as he departed this earth and she entered it.  There is no blood relation; yet, strangely, Sophie has similarities and mannerisms like Ted that we noticed right away.    

As we reflect on the memories that we all shared with Ted, we have the assurance that he is with our Lord; therefore, we rejoice.  For those that he left behind, we pray for comfort.  And He will be faithful again.  Perhaps this child, Sophie, who never knew her Grandpa Ted will unknowingly imitate him and bring great comfort to her Meeka.

I pray that if you are reading this and don’t know Jesus, you will want to meet Him today. 

This post was intended to be published this past Wednesday, the 3rd, two years after the passing of Grandpa Ted.

We miss him…but we will see him again…



  Enjoyer of the Journey wrote @

Amen and thank you for such a blessed reading!!

  Ginger wrote @

I have to agree with Enjoyer of the Journey, Amen and very beautifully put. Reminds me of the verse you imparted to me… Rejoice with those who do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. (Rom. 12:15)

Rejoice knowing He is the source of our comfort.

Love you sis, Ginger

  Big Mama wrote @

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God. (Revelation 22:1)

Rena you moved me to tears!

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