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…finding grace to help in the time of need…

Bracing for Gustav

As Gustav travels toward the Gulf of Mexico, residents around the Baton Rouge area are making last minute efforts to gather supplies and secure belongings.  Though we are definitely more prepared this time around, most of us are still a bit frenzied.

General concerns are for the lower lining areas–namely New Orleans.  However, the uncertainties of Gustav’s exact path are of great concerns to our area as well.

We covet your prayers.  Above all, pray for protection.  Please pray for the residents of the lower lining areas.  Pray that they will heed the warning and make every effort to leave those areas as soon as possible.  Pray for Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.  In addition to the hedge of protection that is needed, we need guidance in accommodating the influx of people. 

As those in the Body of Christ are faced with another opportunity to be used of Him, it is of utmost importance that we walk in the Spirit, heeding His voice and trusting Him wholly.  Staying focused on the bigger picture during times such as these can be very trying.  Though we are understandably concerned for our own families and loved ones, may we trust that His grace is sufficient!  As we fight traffic jams, wait in long gas lines to pay increased prices, and search for limited supplies, we need your prayers! 

We are blessed with a Governor who follows Christ.  Please pray that He will continue to impart wisdom to our leadership. 

I will try to post updates from my area as often as possible.

Many thanks!



  Enjoyer of the Journey wrote @

I’ll certainly pray for you and be keeping you and your family, as well as all others in the Southern region, in my thoughts. Take care and let us know once things have subsided!

  Laura wrote @

I’m as ready as I’m gonna be – to my arsenal of tuna, vienna sausages, bread, and water, I’ve recently added 4 cans of beanie weenies, some beef jerky, little debbies, and pringles. Also – eldest teen daughter has prepared 90 oreo balls! ?? Craziness… I blame it on the air pressure.

In all seriousness – we are praying for God’s protection, but I do have peace that His plans are always good, and His people are always important to Him.

I’m a Believer!

  Laura wrote @

OH! And 8 rolls of colored toilet paper – pale blue and pale pink – a J.I.C. supply (Just In Case). YOu never know!!


  insertgracehere wrote @

I’m coming to get those Oreo Balls! Can’t believe you’d hold out on me! 😉

  Audra Krell wrote @

Hi Rena,
Already been praying for you guys, but are so glad you brought direct needs to our attention. I loved reading that your governor is a Christ follower.

  Donna @ Thirsty? wrote @

Hi Rena, how is everything over there now? we are a bit out of the loop here, but Im keen to know how you are!

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