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Eye masks and ear plugs…that’s what works for me!


In the middle of the night I may be found wandering aimlessly about trying to find the bathroom (oh, it’s just feet away from my bed…) with an eye mask barely pushed above my eyes and ear plugs stuffed almost to my ear drums.

It all started sometime after I married Joe in April of 1998.  I found out he snored.  Really.  Loudly.  And that it really wasn’t a good reason for divorce (kidding….kidding, people!).  After nights of tossing about on the couch, throwing pillows across the living room in hopes of hitting the master bedroom door loud enough to jar him… I took the advice of a friend and bought some earplugs.  Not long after, I got an eye mask.  A really cool, cushy, black eye mask with a nifty little pocket for earplugs.  Sweet slumber….

I am a light sleeper.  Oh, I still hear Sophie with those ear plugs!  Don’t you worry!  Besides, her bed is now a toddler bed so she toddles on in here when she is good and ready (which is way too often).  The ear plugs dull the sound enough to help me doze.  Yet, I can still hear the nature sounds.  Crazy, huh?  Gotta’ have the rain (“I” would prefer the ocean, but SOMEBODY insists on it raining in here every night because the sound of the waves going innnnn and back ouuuttt just won’t do!).

I totally forgot to add this….so I’ll add it now!  Two summers ago–just before my youngest daughter was born–Joe had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  The effects it had on his snoring were amazing!  Except for some occasional light snoring, he’s pretty much cured.  Funny thing…I’m addicted to the ear plugs!  I suppose I’m prepared for a relapse.

So, that’s what works for me!  Ear plugs and eye masks!

Off to don my superhero mask now!        

For more Works For Me Wednesday ideas, visit Shannon at rocks in my dryer.

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep:  for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.  Psalm 4:8



  Mandy wrote @

I have had to wear earplugs my whole married life too. It’s amazing that you can actually tune in to your child, even though you can tune out the snoreing! I’m am grateful for that! I’m glad I’m not the only one to suffer the snoring hubby. Thanks!

  Troye wrote @

I use them when I travel to drown out the hallway noise and any noise my travelmates may make.

  Ginger wrote @

What if you discover you snore too?? Must be a breathing thing. Hmmm… or should I say, “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz” IDK, seriously tho’, no matter the true reason, I want those earplugs and that eye mask pronto. (Great gift idea nanny! Hint, hint…ha!)
love you sis, Happy sleeping!

  Diane wrote @

My hubbie snores too and I wear ear plugs I love the idea of this mask though . Thanks for sharing.

  Enjoyer of the Journey wrote @

This is a great idea! When I travel, I carry my eye mask with me to sleep on the plane. My fiancee thought I was crazy the first time he saw me place it over my eyes en route to our vacation destination; but it works!!

  Summer wrote @

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

My husband was an awful snorer, until he lost 70 pounds. Now he hardly ever snores anymore.

  Honey Mommy wrote @

I have an entire container full of ear plugs. Whenever I travel I bring them with me because weird noises keep me up. Sometimes I even use them at home when the crickets get too loud (or the neighbors!)

  Audra Krell wrote @

This is a hilarious post. Glad he is cured, but it seems you’re not! My niece is named Sophie, she’s 5 and I love that name!

  Modern Technology « Insert Grace Here… wrote @

[…] Time to pull down my eye mask and stuff in my ear plugs and have another talk with […]

  Laura wrote @

I much prefer the look of long pieces of toilet paper dangling stylishly from my ear-holes (is that a word?) rather than do the whole earplug bit. It’s most fun when you head to the breakfast table like that, and forget they are there. Good times…

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