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My Dad….a Terrorist??

It’s a good thing my dad isn’t a frequent flyer.

According to tonight’s newsclip on CNN- Airline captain, lawyer, child on terror ‘watch list’– if your name is James Robinson and you plan to fly the friendly skies, you may have a problem not only in Houston but anywhere else in the country.

Imagine trying to board a plane with your five-year-old son and finding out his name is on a terror watch list.  Absurd?  How common is the name James Robinson?  Oh, you can be sure my Dad is unique.  He’s a rare find.  But his name is likely shared with untold numbers of Americans.

I appreciate National Security.  But can we find some balance?  And not just the airlines.  Border control is such an enormous problem, yet if your name is James Robinson you just might encounter some difficulty in the airports.  Even if you’re five.  Or an Airline Captain who is certified to carry a weapon in his cockpit in case of terrorists overtaking the plane.  Ironic?

But wait!  There’s more!  Apparently beating the system isn’t so difficult.  The mother of the young James Robinson tried listing his name as J. Pierce Robinson.  The Captain listed Jim Robinson and J.K. Robinson and found that they weren’t on the list.  That easy?


Guess I’ll fill Dad in tomorrow and make sure he flies as James D. Robinson.  Guess I’ll have to fill my brother in since he’s a Junior.

Humor aside, I’m thankful for the thwarting of any potential danger as a result of these lists.  But again, isn’t it absurd that we have yet to draw clear lines that we can defend as a nation?

Check out the link above for the full story.



  Ginger wrote @

Only in America!

  Ginger wrote @

Oh… wait! Should we even laugh here?

  Susan wrote @

Hey Rena,

So nice to meet you!! We are practically neighbors!

I found your blog today, and was so surprised when I read you were in Denham Springs! I am right down the road from you in BR!!

Are you friends with Amy Bayliss?

Anyhow, I’ll look forward to getting to know you as I read your posts.

Sorry about this name issue!!

Blessings to you♥

  Debra wrote @

Rena….your sweet sister Ginger emailed me and said I should visit your blog……now I see why….it is wonderful.

As far as flying….I travel a lot with my job….. 45-60% per month from the east coast to the west coast and believe me it is not easy…but I am sure glad they are looking out for us.

Please take time to visit my blog and let me know what you think.

Make it a great week with God by your side!


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