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Check it out: Writing FUNdamentals

As an aspiring writer (with high hopes of one day being published) I am so excited to share with you that the Founder and Editor of CWO, Darlene Schacht, has a new website called Writing FUNdamentals. 

It’s full of fun and imformative writing tips!  Darlene uses some of her own writing as examples.  If you love to write, if you’re desperately seeking publication, or even if you’re already established, this site is sure to grab your interest.  So check it out!  Click on the link above or in the sidebar.



  Darlene (CWO) wrote @

Oh, thank you for the promo! I so appreciate it. Now I better get writing, huh?

  Donna @ Thirsty? wrote @

Ooh, I’m heading over there! Thanks for the tip! and have a MOST AWESOME day!!

p.s. got a good start on my talk for September 3! yippee!

  Mrs. Q wrote @

Thanks for the heads up..I’m going to go over and check it out!

Oh, and thanks for the kind comments on my blog. We ARE a blessed and happy family 🙂

  Ginger wrote @

So cool-another Grammar Girl! Ha!

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