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…finding grace to help in the time of need…

Another SHOUT OUT: Ginger’s In the CWO Spotlight!

Check out my sister’s (August Blog of the Month at CWO) Spotlight Interview at the CWO site here.

Be blessed…… Way to go Ginger….



  Mrs. Q wrote @

Hi Rena,
I am responding to the comments you left on my blog regarding electricity usage. Have you turned down the thermostat on your water heaters? That was a major part of our outgo…hopefully we have fixed it and will start keeping a little more money in the wallet…lol! I cannot even begin to imagine having an electricity bill as high as yours’! Yikes…do they send those out with CPR instructions?? Cause I would most certainly have a heart attack!

I’m still learning how to cut back, but when I find out something new that works, I’ll be sure to post about it!

Oh, and don’t forget to pray to the One Who created electricity…He can show you what needs to be done! 🙂


  insertgracehere wrote @

Mrs. Q,

Oh, be sure…I am praying! I plan to have my husband double check the thermostats, but I believe we set them back a while back.

Yes, we need CPR instrutctions indeed!

I’m excited to learn with you about ways that will make a difference.

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