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Diet Coke and Money Laundering

No post since Cammie’s birthday post.  Why?

Oh… many reasons.  My trip down Memory Lane sapped my emotions. 

Sinuses…. well, that could sum it up.

Fighting with Sophie over Diet Coke.  Sad.  I know.  She shouldn’t even know it exists.  Much less demand to have it.  After a trip to Target with Cammie and Courtney, she insisted that the fountain Diet Coke they brought me (oh, they love their Mom) was hers.  OH.  NO!  It took a while, but I won.  I was not going to lose that battle.  Because toddlers should have juice and milk.  NOT Diet Coke.  AND because it was MINE! 🙂   And I’m sick.  AND it was MINE! 

After a time out for whining and carrying on, I summoned her to my bed where I lay with great sinus pain and pressure.  I made her look at me.  I told her she would go to her bed next if she whined and cried and screamed like that again.  Oh, I was eye level to her and all.  And I tried to hold her attention.  But although her head was pointed in my direction, her eyes were turned to the right, staring at the Diet Coke on my nightstand as she inched her little hand towards it.  Oh, the power of the Diet Coke.

And aside from all of the above drama….I must admit, I’ve been doing some money laundering.

Yes.  That’s right!  I’m money laundering.  It all started when Sophie and her Hello Kitty wallet were introduced to money.  Lots of coins.  No one can say NO to the toddler with the change purse.  It’s quite fascinating how pockets and purses are emptied for this little child and her little wallet.  And now she has a second wallet because Meeka (Joe’s Mom…oh we don’t know why Sophie calls her Meeka instead of Grandma) heard of this newfound discovery of money.  And both wallets have lots of coins.  And dollars.  And Sophie likes to empty them.  And try to count them.  And put them back and empty them again.  And put them in her pockets.  Except she doesn’t always have pockets on her clothing.  So she sticks them in her Pull-Up or her panties.  And what happens?  Money laundering.  Lots of coins washed and dried.  I seem to remember a rule, nay, a law, that states that “whatever items or monies are retrieved from the washer, dryer or clothing therein, becomes the property of the launderer”. 

But who would take money from her on little toddler?  Not me!  It’s not like it’s Diet Coke or something.

…..A Diet Coke lovin’ Mom



  Mrs. Q wrote @

That’s hilarious! I hope you feel better soon!

  drunkdreamer8 wrote @

just wanted to invite you to my blog (If I haven’t already- I have a new home)at if you needed some encouragment today.

  Ginger wrote @

So needed the laughs here! Thanks! You and diet coke are beg. to sound like me and cannndy, or would that be coffee?? Ha! Actually it’s, never take candy from the mommie!

(DDP all the way… had to say that!)

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