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WHAT are they teaching her in Honor’s English?

My daughter, Courtney, is in Honor’s English.  This year- her Sophomore year- will be her second year to take it.  She’s a smart kid.  She knows this.  She knows I know this.

However, she has said some pret-ty interesting things that have made me scratch my head.

Before her Freshman year had ended, she wound up in the E.R. one evening having an x-ray to find out if she had cracked a rib.  I cannot recall what we were discussing when she proudly told her Big Mama (that would be her paternal grandmother) and me, “I’m going to Hard-vard.”

OH, reallly?  Are you???  It wasn’t long before she caught what she said.  I’ll come to her defense just a wee bit because she was a little loopy after the pain medicine she was given.  She later told me (again…don’t recall what we were talking about), “that must’ve been a ‘pigment’ of my imagination.”

Hmmmm?  Pigment?  What pigment would that be?  Again, we laughed and laughed and laughed.  Just like an old Mary Jane joke.  Anyone remember those???? 

Earlier that year, she and her boyfriend (previous boyfriend- not to be confused with her current boyfriend) were eating with Joe and me at Outback.  We reallly heart Outback!  While we watched her attempts to cut her steak, we began discussing her “gracefulness” (or lack thereof) in the area of cooking or, um, eating.  She’s left-handed and looks awkward with a butter knife and a piece of toast.  So she decides to defend herself.  “I have good eti-‘quit’ (etiquette),” she shouts.  To which we laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

Courtney was recently doing some note cards on a book (one of three) she had to read this summer for her upcoming Honor’s English class.  She was asking me a question about the sources she could use.  I pointed something out to her in the ‘pref-ace’ (preffus….best pronunciation I can come up with for lack of upside down e’s).  She then laughed, and laughed, and laughed at me.  “Mom!  It’s PRE-face!”  That would be pre and the word face. 

OH, realllly now?  IS it?  For a second….she made me question myself.  After all, I was never in Honor’s English.

There was much more…but I didn’t write it down.  Perhaps when it comes to me or when her next proud moment arrives…I’ll share!  Because I’m just that kind of mom! 😉

LOOK!  There she is in all of her smartness!


I love you, Court!  You’re still my Einstein!




  Ginger wrote @

LOL!! She really is going to HARDVARD… Ha! And hey, give her a break mom, you’re the blonde!

  Laura wrote @

Haha! I had a grown person corrected me on PRE FACE also! I kinda feel bad and awkward when it happens with a grown up… 😮

I worked with a girl who felt like she was being blamed for everything and was being treated like “an escaped goat.”

And then there was the other woman who was going to be back in “2 shakes of a leg”…

Just don’t ask about me & song lyrics…

I’m a Believer!

  Laura wrote @

just to be clear – I said prefuss – the other person said PRE FACE. (Can’t let you think I was in the wrong, now can i?)

  Donna wrote @

Haha, thanks for the smiles! I thought those little slip-ups ended after the toddler years. I’m glad to know I can still look forward to them! Recently my boss was complaining about having to eat raw garlic as he had a tooth ache – but they say to chew a CLOVE, not a clove of garlic!

  Becoming Me wrote @

Very sweet and funny post

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