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Happy Birthday To Me! July 24, 1969…Do the math!

This picture was taken nearly 39 years ago…sometime after July 24, 1969.  Today is my 39th birthday.  So, I decided to post a picture of me in my “birthday suit” with that baby ‘fro that my Mom just seems to love.  You know the ‘fro!  The middle is combed up into a little curl, the rest is combed down into a little curl….much like a clown!  Just stating the similarities, Mom! 😉

And that’s….”Sincerely ‘fro Me to You”!

For more of Sincerely ‘fro Me to You, visit Kristen here at we are THAT family or click on the link at the top of this post.




  franticallysimple wrote @

Hee! Did you ever think you’d have a nude pic on the internet?

  LifeatTheCircus wrote @

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope your day is splendid!!

  Muthering Heights wrote @

Happy birthday! I’m guessing you’ll wear clothes this year, LOL!

  Sophia (Adventures of Brown) wrote @

I have to disagree with Muthering above – wouldn’t next week’s Sincerely ‘Fro be a hoot! lol

Great post!

  jennifer wrote @

Girl! Be careful or your blog will be flagged! LOL! Weren’t you a cutie!


  jennifer wrote @

Oh and DUH on me… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Jen Again

  Ginger wrote @

Happy Birthday Sis! Love, Jerry, Ginger, Gordon, and Jordon!

  Shannon wrote @

Happy Birthday!

  Tammy wrote @

Wow, now you have a photo on the internet that rival Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus! 🙂

Happy Birthday!!

  Janel wrote @

Happy Birthday! That is a sweet baby shot!

Have a great day!

  Heather wrote @

What a cutie!

  Joanna wrote @

Haha…I have many many pictures like that of myself and my kids. What’s up with parents and then us as parents taking pictures of the nakedness? I can answer mine, I just love those sweet little baby bottoms!!

  Rachel wrote @

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  Jerri wrote @

Happy Birthday!

LOL on having a nude pic on the internet!

My parents weren’t normal – they took no nude pics of their babies … come to think of it, I didn’t take any of mine either …

  we are THAT family wrote @

I hope its the best birthday ever!

  jen wrote @

Happy Birthday! That’s a hilarious pic!

  Mrs. Sprinkles wrote @

Thanks for visiting my blog–it’s so funny that you know my neck of the woods, because my husband is from Louisiana and we go back there at least once a year, very close to Denham Springs!

I love your layout, and I’m definitely adding your blog to my daily reading!

  Laura wrote @

Happy Happy Birthday day one day late… I guess I’m a rotten egg… You called me on my birthday, but I didn’t on yours… I have good reason, really I do… (it has to do with a waterpark being the second level of hell!) but I do love you & I pray your birthday was special.

Also – cute picture – no fair – your butt hasn’t grown as much as mine has over the years. In fact, I think you could probably still fit in that birthday suit! You should try it on sometime soon…


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