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Military Mom

This post will not include any fashion fun.  Instead, I’m asking for prayer.

My oldest daughter, Cammie, joined the Louisiana National Guard in March.  She leaves for basic in September.  She turns 18 on the 30th of this month.  And I’m asking for your prayers.

When Cammie talked about joining the military while in the National Guard’s Youth Challenge Program, we were very skeptical about this possibility.  Like most teens, she went back and forth with her choices.  They varied widely.  We prayed.  And while in YCP, Cammie seemingly prayed more, too.  God gave me peace about her final decision.  And although she seems to have misplaced it, I truly believe He gave her peace, too.

Cammie has second guessed this choice.  Being a female in my family means VERY high hormones.  Cammie has struggled with keeping her emotions from guiding her.  As her mom, this has been so difficult.  I don’t always handle it right.  I don’t always say the right things.  I don’t always say or do what I “should”.  More than anything, God’s peace is what I want for her.  I pray that a young age she- and all of my girls- will learn to seek Christ in everything.  EVERYTHING. 

I don’t know how to be a “Military Mom”.  I never saw it coming.  But HE did.  As I hang onto that peace He gave me., I pray she will find it.  He is faithful.

When she graduated from YCP- Co-Cadet of the Cycle- (I just have to proudly say that!) we would announce to others that she had joined the National Guard.  I remember very clearly the many responses.  Some would say, “WHY would you do THAT?”  Many Christian friends even questioned quite strongly this already made decision.  Not all responded this way.  And I don’t fault the ones who did.  I really do not think they meant for their responses to way heavy on Cammie….or her mother.  I don’t necessarily expect others to respond exactly as I think they should.  I’m still feeling my way, well, praying my way, through this.  It’s very serious times that we live in.  This year in particular is a very important year for our country and subsequently, the rest of the world.  I would think I would be nervous if I was about to head to basic training even if I knew this was the right path.

HIS plans are what I have ALWAYS wanted for my children.  I’ve told them to pray always for the one they should marry, even at an early age.  (I suppose I should go ahead and start this with Sophie.)  And I’ve told them to pray for the plans of God on their lives.  I knew that my plans for them just might not be His.  I knew their own plans for their lives just might not be His.  But I know He’s faithful.  And if they trust Him, He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.  (Isaiah 26:3)  I pray Cammie does.  And I’m asking you to pray with me.

Please pray for His perfect peace that surpasses all understanding to keep her heart and mind in Christ Jesus.  And please pray for the Military Mom (and Dad…and Joedaddy…oh…AND grandparents….they can be pret-ty protective over their grandchildren).  I humbly ask for any advice you might want to share with me.  I’m still new to this whole blogging thing, but I’ve been amazed already at how profoundly God has worked through this.  I appreciate greatly the prayers and concerns and pray you will all be blessed for reaching out.



  Rachel wrote @

I was thinking about you this morning! What a wonderful post about the provisions of God. It is so encouraging to see someone who can still see God’s goodness through tough times.

I was a little stressed out this morning for various reasons, and the Lord brought to my mind Isaiah 40:31: “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength” (I was feeling particularly weary). I can’t imagine how mentally and emotionally exhausted you & your family must be right now. Continue to place your hope in Him and He’ll renew and sustain you through this time.

I’ll keep praying for ya’ll!

  Ginger wrote @

We love you Nanny and are trusting God with each of you. Remember your path to get here and know as always, Yes, He will lead. He will bring the calm. He will direct. He IS The most PERFECT PEACE that will surpass ALL (your) understanding. Don’t try to understand! JUST TRUST!! This peace will come even beyond what you think you may know, then WITHOUT question ALL (you) will find complete rest.

Remember this hope will make your heart sick, but it will also make you stronger!

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