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Fashion Update with Pics

*Read the info BELOW from Big Mama’s blog post comments to find out how much these jeans cost and where I got them…

Ladies….here are the pics I promised on Big Mama’s comments…





Aren’t they just beautiful??  They have a sailor look, which I LOVE.

As you can see, they hit the floor.  BUT, I didn’t step on them.  AND….do I look 5’4″ to you??  I DID have a red purse with me.  But I need a chunky red bracelet with that white shirt.

And here is the Steve Madden wedge I wore to pull them off….you can see an up close shot of these shoes on Sophie in my post For the Love of Shoes.



Here is the updated info I posted on Big Mama’s comments:

Ok, Ladies….in answer to some of those questions (hope I don’t hog up all of the comment space, Big Mama!)…I went to American Eagle after looking at them online. They were a bit snug, not tight, but it made them not look quite as good. Didn’t bother going up a size, knew they’d be too big. Went back to Gap, they did not carry varying lengths. These pants clearly are not going to be found (or not likely) in varying lengths. It’s obviously the style to be long, but HEY, I’m 5′4″.

SOOO, I went back to the original store for the $80 pair: Frock Candy. And guess what? First…they looked awesome, the overall look was just nicer and even fit better in the waist than Gap’s pair. But, I had my 15 year old try them on while I put on the Gap pair…she’s taller than I am, but we still worked with that to see if one was longer. Not really. SOOO, this pair looked so way cool, but cost more and was still the same length.

And…I bought them. YES! I did! They will work with my wedges, barely. Don’t know if they work a tad better because the waist fit better than Gap’s pair. Guess that’s a small stretch. They may be a tad shorter. Worse comes to worse…I will scout out a very reputable tailor. But not without proper jean hemming credentials. ANd, no, Big Mama…I will NOT dry them!

I am determined to enjoy these jeans. Besides, worry won’t add stature! ;)

I’ll try to post a pic tomorrow with the wedges




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  Ginger wrote @

Those pants so remind me of a pair I was blessed with, but I got rid of them when I lost weight!

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