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For the Love of Shoes…


Sophie is always digging in my closet… and most of the time she doesn’t exit it unless she has donned a pair of my shoes.  The above pair is a BCBG snakeskin print.  This lovely pair was given to me.  I’m blessed! 😉

Her love for shoes has started early… 

….notice this lovely pair….

Yes, I had to get an up-close pic of these Steve Madden wedges.  The shot would’ve been a bit better, but she stepped in my view, clearly ready to fight me for these shoes.  This is a pair I bought several years ago on my birthday.  It’s coming up….hmmm?  Shoes????

The next pic is a pair of shoes I bought from a local boutique.  They are made from recycled tires.  I know…sounds a bit strange.  But they are so comfy.  And the ribbons can be changed out.  I mean…”if” you’re in to that.  I got them for Mother’s Day and I love them.  Although they did have a thong in brown that I liked better.  But my size was out.  Sigh.  I was told the ribbons can be removed and they can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.  I haven’t done this.  Just sayin’.

This next pair is another gift…  Palavio.  Silver with pearls and diamonds (well…glittery stones).  Goes so well with her t-shirt.

Well, I didn’t expect this so early.  But the girl hearts shoes.  The teens run her off when she enters their rooms.  I’m sure she’ll be seeking out their footwear before long.  A girl can never be too prepared….

These shoes were made for walkin’, Sophie….you’ll get used to them!  Sorta’!





  jen wrote @

My daughters both do the exact same thing! It is scary how well my 4-year-old can walk in a pair of 4″ heels! My favorite is when she grabs two mismatched ones and walks all over the house like she’s at fashion week in Paris.

Oh, the love of shoes and bags and make-up does start early, indeed!

  Mrs. Q wrote @

Adorable! Can’t wait until mine gets to that age 🙂 Well, maybe I can…lol…I know my budget can!

  Kelsey wrote @

hehe Thats too cute! Gotta love girls and shoes!

  Big Hair Envy wrote @

She certainly has good taste in shoes!! I’ll bet she doesn’t even bother with the cheap ones 🙂

I just LOVE little girly girls 🙂

  Ginger wrote @

Shoes are so great! Girls forget it! You don’t have a chance now! Just let her have them!

  Blue Castle wrote @

What a cutie! Love the shoes, too. 🙂

  Fashion Update with Pics « Insert Grace Here… wrote @

[…] And here is the Steve Madden wedge I wore to pull them off….you can see an up close shot of these shoes on Sophie in my post For the Love of Shoes. […]

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