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PMS: What NOT to do!

Works For Me Wednesday 

*CAUTION:  Information in this blogpost may be too sensitive for certain individuals.  Uh, namely…males.

I totally resisted the urge to give this post the title:  How to tame a menstruous woman!  Oh, you’re welcome.  Besides, I’m just not sure it’s possible. 😉

Let’s face it.  PMS is an unpleasant time for everyone.  Yes, men included.  However, as women, we certainly know what it’s like to deal with each other.  We have moms, sisters, daughters, friends.  We get it.  We’ve seen the ugly picture that we females so often paint during this fragile period (No pun intended.).  But unless God answers one of the many manipulative prayers (Oh you know you’ve at least thought it!) to jar our husbands into some Freaky Friday PMS state, men will never know what it’s like.

So we need to encourage one another.  Get each others backs.  Tell it like it is.  I’d like to point out a few things NOT to do during PMS.

  • Do NOT give in to the urge to wear your new high-waisted bluejean skirt!  If it doesn’t have elastic or a drawstring, don’t wear it!  Isn’t that what sweats and gym shorts were really made for?
  • Do NOT listen to that little voice begging you to “share” all of your innermost feelings of unworth, weight gain, fine lines, you’re-really-starting-to-notice-that-you’re-aging, insecurity, etc. with your husband!  This is what friends are for!  Shouldn’t we have a recording along these lines at our disposal?  We could save the tireless spill.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Spill on, women, spill on.
  • Do NOT resist chocolate!  Isn’t this obvious?  Chocolate can be such a real friend during such an unpleasant time.  Embrace it.  Go sugar-free if you must.  And don’t forget the Midol!  But chocolate is way better!
  • Do NOT believe your daughter’s melodramatic outbursts when she is experiencing PMS!  She really doesn’t want to move out.  Her fight to defend herself against your every rule, well, that was just PMS.  When placed in a similar situation with a daughter, friend, or even mother, calmly let them continue their tirade.  Nod and give only grimaces.  No smiles- you don’t want them to think you’re patronizing them!  This colorful display of emotion will soon pass.
  • Do NOT make any major life decisions!  Don’t get engaged, buy a car or house, quit a job, start a family- until your cycle has passed.  You may find that the decision you contemplated during your cycle remains the same after your cycle.  That’s fine.  But it’s better to be safe than sorry.  That house may look warm and inviting when your hormones are raging.  But your hormones can be very deceptive.  Just wait it out.
  • Rejoice and be thankful that we do not have to resort to a menstrual cloth.  Whatever that is!  Our options are varied these days, ladies.  Be thankful that there is no law keeping your husband from coming nigh to you during your cycle.  Although he may wish to be bound by that law.  Be thankful that we are not isolated.  We not only have each other, but there is One who really “is touched by the feelings of our infirmities”!  That is amazing!  Christ, the Son of The Living God, fully man, knows what it’s like!  That is truly profound!  It’s a bit easier to make light of the situation when we are not in the midst of it.  For those who are, my apologies.  Make some mental notes for next time.  Let’s lean on each other and above all, lean on our Lord.  “This, too, SHALL pass!”
  • Oh…I asked my husband for one more thing to add that women should NOT do during PMS.  He said, “they can do whatever they want!  They’re PMSing!”  Oh, Joe!  How I love you!  A zillion brownie points!  (I think he knows what’s coming soon….)

So ladies, plan ahead.  Stock up on chocolate and Midol, rent your favorite romantic comedy.  Take a moment in between the tears to call your best friend.  Sow seeds of mercy into your PMSing daughter’s life.  And remember that the God of the universe who created you fearfully and wonderfully truly does KNOW!  And remind your husband that he just might want to hang out on the roof of the house a bit…fix a shingle or two. (Proverbs 21:9; 25:24 – Must be important- He put it in there twice!) 😉

Works for me!  For more great tips, go to Works For Me Wednesday.



  Heather wrote @

“Do NOT make any major life decisions! Don’t …start a family- until your cycle has passed.” I’ll be honest – I got a C in biology – but wouldn’t that be kinda difficult to do anyway? Unless you’re one of the poor unfortunates who have a 20 day cycle!

  Rachel wrote @

What a great post! I especially like the chocolate part!

This is my first time seeing your site. My best friend and her hubby are from Denham Springs, and I have lots of friends from there I met in high school & college. Small world!

  Kelsey wrote @

haha Awesome post! I love this!

  Slacker Mom wrote @

Too hilarious! Take stock in chocolate – and heave forbid, don’t look at her for longer than a few seconds – otherwise we explode 🙂

  Mrs. Q wrote @

LOL..this post was GREAT! Fortunately for me, I am still nursing our daughter and have not had to deal with this for almost a year…praise the Lord for breastfeeding! I’m totally with you on the chocolate 🙂 Even if you aren’t being visited by Aunt Flow…chocolate is good anytime!

  Donna @ Thirsty wrote @

Wow I loved reading your post! Thankyou so so much! I’m off to read the rest of your blog!

  Carol wrote @

Oh my! Thank you for posting these great insights JUST FOR ME!!! I will definitely take it to heart.

  Caroline wrote @

This is such a good post!! I love it. These shoudl be rules to live by!!

  kristen wrote @

Loved it! Great ideas and a lot of humor. What really works for me is not having PMS anymore. (of course, surgical menopause is no breeze either. But still better 😉 )

  Laura wrote @

Hey Rena! I think in Bible times the women all had to go “outside the camp” with all the other menstrual women. Not sure if that is a blessing or a curse – I’d love to go on a ladies’ retreat once a month due to being unclean 🙂 I just don’t know if I could put up with all those other whiners!!

Gotta go check on my menstrual cloths… LOL


PS – there are websites where people make their own feminine hygiene products – SERIOUSLY! just fyi something that DOES NOT WORK FOR ME EVEN IF IT IS WEDNESDAY!!


  Ginger wrote @

Love this!! Midol and choco all the way sis! Rent that movie and rest your way to more bloating!

  We are THAT family wrote @

Great post, Rena! I loved it!

  mom2fur wrote @

I read somewhere that, in some African tribes, women are isolated whent they have their periods…not because others think them ‘unclean’ but because they are considered ultra-powerful at that time. Go Wonderwoman!
Trust me on this, there is something men go through, and you’ve surely witnessed it. I call it TOS, Testosterone Overload Syndrome. Yep, men can be just as schmucky as women!
And wait until you hit the periomenopause age…NOT fun, I tell you!

  Karen wrote @

HA! Good post. My husband is dreading the day when I’m going through menopause and our daughter is PMSing….

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