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I keep crying over spilled milk!

I’m serious!  I have a problem.  I am worn out today after going to a huge sale at the local grocery store, cleaning house all day, potty training, paying bills, blah, blah, blah!  I have been trying to focus on my Heavenly To-Do List.  But alas, I am at the end of a long day with an aching back and legs, whiny and irritable.  Much like Sophie.  Hmmmm….

I have the worst possible trouble with Sophie and sippy cups.  She can do many things, but drink from a straw- or a sippy cup with a straw- is not one of them.  I don’t give her the inexpensive Nuby cups because she pops the rubber inserts out.  She’s also been known to bite a bigger hole in the rubber spout.  Sooo, it seems that the hard spouts are what we are left with.  I’m sure that all of you moms of toddlers know that this means they have a little gizmo inside that you have to take out to clean every time you wash the cup.  One of Sophie’s cups has a rubber gizmo.  Sometimes she is rambunctious.  And sometimes the little gizmo inside her cup will come out.  You know what that means?  Spilled milk!

I changed my sheets today.  My nice fresh sheets that were begging me to get in bed and lay on the heating pad…  now have chocolate milk all over them.  Wah, wah, wah….I know, I know!  I didn’t want to be aggravated by this or holler.  But I did.  I had a little fit and then when I settled down, I realized that once again, I have cried over spilled milk.  It seems this situation keeps happening.  And every time I end up back at the feet of Christ looking for mercy.  Who made up that saying anyway?

There really is no use crying over spilled milk.  Had I kept my attitude of prayer that I had this morning I just might not have become sidetracked and troubled over much like Martha.  What a lesson.  I think I’ll go sit at the feet of Jesus now….


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  Laura wrote @

No doubt about it, spilled milk seems worth crying about sometimes, even as an adult. Our kitchen table has 2 “leafs/leaves” in it, so there are 2 long cracks across the table. If we spill milk it at dinner drips lovingly on ol’ mom’s legs. Love it.

Re: sippy cups – those were the worst! My favorite is when they roll under the couch unnoticed and set up a cheese factory in your house that you being to smell in about 2 weeks. Ahhhhh toddlerhood….

I think I choose that over teen years…

I’m a Believer!

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