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Hairstyles and Attitudes–Are they connected?

*Updated pics below….

Well…in case you didn’t have the privilege of being a teen in the ’80’s- the title would be from the lyrics of a Timbuk 3 song.

I’m not sure if hairstyles and attitudes are connected.  I’m not sure if they relate.  “Are the styles we embrace a matter of taste or the values rejected?”  Again, I’m not sure.

But Cammie seems to have recently gone through a hair identity crisis.

When she graduated from YCP in March, her hair looked like this…

…Cammie’s Prom the night before Graduation.  Yes, Courtney was her date.  She still has a few subtle highlights.

A few days after she came home…

…she had highlights and bangs.  Oh, and the windblown look.

But then, she decided it wasn’t quite blonde enough…


…so she had it done again with more blonde highlights.  (This pic was added to replace the one of all of us girls on Mother’s Day.  Cammie said her hair was NOT highlighted again at that time.  OOPS…seems I cannot tell blonde from blonder.)

But we’re not through yet.  NOPE!  Apparently her hair wasn’t long enough…. 

….she just had to have extensions.  EXTENSIONS!  But she would not clip them in per the advice of my fabulous friend and hairdresser.  She would have had them weaved had she had the money and an able body to weave them.  Instead, she had them glued in.  And she loved them.  They matched her blonde highlights and the texture of her hair fabulously. 

…and that would be a pic of the extensions removed from her hair, washed and drying and hanging in the girls’ bathroom with no other purpose except to scare poor Joedaddy when he is forced to use the girls’ bathroom because he is the only male in a house full of females.  There is only one picture that I know of in existence of Cammie with her extensions.  And it’s on her cell phone.  And she’s at her Dad’s.   So when she gets home and we can successfully have it sent to my computer, I’ll add it.  For now, just picture Darryl Hannah in Mermaid.  Only Cammie.

But she had them glued in.  And this proved to be much work.  One track fell out.  She consulted her expert assistant, Courtney.  Together, they glued the track in… along with parts of the hair from the track.  Oh, and parts of her own hair.  It was interesting.  But we used the glue remover, the HAIR glue remover and removed the meshed up hair.  But the track eventually fell out.  And then another track fell out.  And she did not want to wait for me to glue them both in.  So she did it herself.  This was also interesting.  Still, she pulled the extension-do off.  How?  I cannot figure this out.  But it was causing her much grief as she had to carefully wash her hair/extensions and carefully dry her hair/extensions and carefully straighten or curl her hair/extensions.  AND carefully sleep.  YES, I said sleep.  But she finally had enough (less than one week from having them put in, mind you).  So she removed the extensions with only the aid of her hair glue remover.

This pic is the one and only (no, one of two- I stand corrected) of Cammie with extensions.  See?  Darryl Hannah.

And then, “Mom, don’t freak out,” she tells me.

She colored her hair.  With a box.  From Walmart.  Oh, I’ve done the same before.  I’m not knocking the box.  But it was dark.  Very dark.  But it will fade.  So I’m told.

But wait…THERE’S MORE!  MORE!  I tell her to go blow-dry it so I can tell if it will be a tad lighter.  So she does.  Well, she only drys it some.  Because she has an appointment.  Another hair appointment.  And this is not her hairdresser.  The second highlight was not her hairdresser.  But this is yet another hairdresser.  So she gets it cut…

because, “I really think I want a short inverted cut.”

And although you may not be able to tell from this angle, she pulled it off.

Many dollars and less sense cents later and she is finally (I think) satisfied.

But she’s not home.  I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see when she gets home from her dad’s tomorrow. 

So stay tuned for the update and the pic (if we can pull it off….the upload, that is)….*Updated with pic!  YEHHH!



  Ginger wrote @

OMG!! And you didn’t call me!?? I want to see all the pics. Can’t believe she went darker. You can rock a box… trust me, I know. The results please… on the edge of my laptop!

  This just in…. « Insert Grace Here… wrote @

[…] July 6, 2008 at 7:03 pm · Filed under Uncategorized and tagged: Cammie, hairstyles Check out the new pics of Cammie’s ‘dos from yesterday’s post Hairstyles and Attitudes–are they connected? […]

  insertgracehere wrote @

Wow! Can’t tell a lot of difference! So, where’s the pics of the new short do? Any dif than those posted??

  insertgracehere wrote @

Hey goober- you posted the comment under my blog! 😉 Working on more pics of her new do. She does have some…will get them up soon.

  Laura wrote @

Love the hair! Perhaps it’s because I’m a brunette, I think it looks great when people go darker (not jet black!). Looks very sophisticated and shiny and beeeautiful!

I’m a Believer!

PS (Rude blond joke warning) What do you call it when a blonde dyes her hair brunette?

Artificial Intelligence.


  insertgracehere wrote @

I LOOOVEE it! I’m a natural brunette, ‘course I loved it!

  A Shout Out, a Laugh, and a Sigh | Here’s My Cup Lord wrote @

[…] Then, for a laugh, has everyone read Rena’s recent post on Cammie’s hair?  It’s so great!  If not, click here Hairstyles and Attitudes–Are they connected? […]

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