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Out of the Mouths of Babes…What the Teens taught the Todd

It seems that the todd is beginning to sound like the teens.

Courtney got her driver’s permit yesterday.  YEHHH!  We were discussing her opportunity to drive before we left the house.  Sophie said, “Drivin’!  MY turn!” 

Thank you, Courtney for THAT phrase.

She did pick up on my daily top ten when Courtney was driving, though.  “Drive slow!  Drive slow!  Dood (good) job!,” she said.

At Courtney’s volleyball game the other day, Sophie got up from the bottom bleacher and said, “I be right back.”


She looks over her 21 month old shoulder and says, “I BE right back.”

“Uh, no ma’am.  You’re not going anywhere.  Get back over here!” I scolded demanded.

She folded her arms and poked out her lip.

Should Spanish ever overtake English as our national language, Sophie may be able to survive.  Cammie has successfully taught her to say, “Ola amigos!”  Well, Dora did help some.  And now she says it randomly.

And one of my fav-o-rites:  Joe has been teaching Sophie how to call Dexter, our Golden Retriever, over to our bed when she is lounging with us in the evenings.  He snaps his fingers and says, “Come here, Dexter.  Up!”

Today at Courtney’s last volleyball game until school starts (yippeee…I mean, awww), Sophie said, “Cammie?  Come here.  Up!”  And she tried snapping her fingers up in the air. 

Great trick, huh?

Now if that will just work when I call the teens…

{On another random note, my bloggy siggy has gone awol!  And apparently so has the site.  This has caused me much stress.  Although this does not put an end to the world of blogging, I would love to know if anyone knows where else to go when one loses a bloggy siggy??  Yea, I know.  Deep stuff.}


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  Ginger wrote @

Ha! Bossy Rossy! She is sooo YOU made over….! Too cute… and no driving before aunt Ginger Sophie!

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