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The Daily Mercies- Our Jamie Elizabeth

 *added note at bottom


Our baby sister, Jamie Elizabeth,— who is very special to us— is going through a very rough time right now.  It seems kind of wierd for me to be able to say “baby sister”, as I am the youngest and she is also my niece.  How’s that for a double portion?  My parents raised her and as far as we’re concerned, there’s no question who she is. 

Jamie, on the other hand, has always struggled with her identity never really trusting or truly finding her way.  Today I hope my blog to be a reminder of His mercy and grace as I outline Whose she is.

  • She is consecrated to God as His beautiful daughter by his oath and blood. 
  • She is her daddy’s humor and folklore carrying his song with pride. 
  • She is faithful and sympathetic with her mother’s heart so deep.
  • She is sister to four and friend to all.  
  • She is warrior bride fighting any foe with the strength of a lion.
  • She is Little Mamma of two beautiful children who love her dearly and call her mom. 
  • She is Jamie-Jean, Sunshine, Hercules, The Boogan, The Very First Granddaughter, Baldy Baby, Million Dollar Baby… and yes, Gertrude



It was 25 years ago this past March 9 that our sister, Katie, had a baby girl she named Jamie Elizabeth.  Katie was not quite 17 years old.

We did not know Katie was pregnant until late in her pregnancy.  To be honest, she was eight months pregnant.  EIGHT months.  Though it may not have been the best decision to wait that long to tell our parents, given the circumstances of that time, it’s understandable why she did not want to confess such a weight.  Suffice it to say that our father had a particularly difficult surgery that year.

I wonder if Katie ever realized the amount of joy that entered our lives with the birth of Jamie.  The immense responsibility was undeniable; however, bleak circumstances were somewhat overshadowed by the precious gift of life.  I took to this child immediately.  Her bald head that seemed to stay with her into her toddler years, huge smile, her laugh, each word that she learned (and oh there were many for this very smart child) filled our souls.  Her bossiness challenged us and her curiosity astounded us.  She was dubbed by our long-time family pediatrician “The Million Dollar Baby”.  She was not only a healthy child, she was intelligent, intriguing and as inquisitive as they come.   



Jamie, A.K.A. “Baldy Baby” (These were scanned back in my rookie computer days.)

Throughout the past 25 years, Jamie has been surrounded with a large family of people who love her.  As families go, we have had our share of problems.  Yet, despite difficult times, conflicts, and seemingly impossible situations, we share an immense love and family ties that can only come from The Solid Rock, Jesus Christ.

Currently, our Jamie needs our prayers.  Though we are vague concerning the circumstances, we are quite clear about the answer.  Jesus Christ.  Emotions sway back and forth.  Sight is not always pleasant.  However, it is by faith that we walk. 

It is because of our love for Jamie- …faith which worketh by LOVE. Galatians 5:6 -that we stand in the gap on her behalf.  It is because of our love for her that we share these words.  And it is because of our faith that we KNOW our God is able.  He is able to doexceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in US.  Ephesians 3:20  Our situations, no matter how heartbreaking or unbearable, are but an opportunity for the Most High God to perform His Will and His Word.

Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 4:6

…Stay tuned for future posts for testimonies of God’s Amazing Grace as He works in the life of our precious Jamie…

*I meant to add a note about hearing from Jamie’s daughter last night.  She is eight years old.  She was sad and wanted to talk about her mom.  She broke my heart.  It was a little like deja vu as she reminded me SOOO much of Jamie.  She and her brother are two more reasons why we covet your prayers.  Thank you all so much for your genuine compassion.  It means more to us than we could possibly say.  Much gratitude!




  We are THAT family wrote @

What a beautiful post, Rena! You touched me and I know this will touch our Heavenly Father who sees all and knows all. Thank you for sharing this precious story with us!

  Kelly’s Rants and Raves wrote @

Beautiful post!

  Happy Mommy wrote @

Rena, beautifully put! We all need Jesus Christ!

  Valarie in AL wrote @

This is a great post, and I will most definitely be praying. I also had my baby girl at 17, even though our circustances were different, I can understand on some levels. And just like Jamie Elizabeth, my Jessie changed our lives for the better. 🙂

  Linda wrote @

found you thru we are THAT family. i love all the sweet names you have for jamie. and whatever is coming your way or there now…be confident that God is trustworthy!

  Muthering Heights wrote @

What a lovely post!

  Well Behaved Krissy wrote @

This was a really sweet post. Its amazing isn’t it how the devil has plans to destroy us… yet God can change any of those plans to GOOD.

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