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John’s Math Problem: The High Price of Fuel

John has only $4.00 cash.

John is out of milk.  John’s son wants milk.  A gallon of milk costs $3.79.  The closest store is one mile from John’s house.

John’s car is almost out of gas.  John’s car has one mile to empty.  A gallon of gas costs $3.85.  The closest gas station is at the store that is one mile from John’s house.

If John drives to the store/gas station one mile from his house to buy a gallon of milk for his son, and John has to use his only $4.00 to buy a gallon of gas to get back home,  will:

a.)  John’s son keep him up all night because he did not have milk?

b.)  John downsize to a smaller car with better gas mileage and lose a large amount of money on the trade-in of his car?

c.)  John by a cow?

d.)  John begin to commute on his bicycle, lose more sleep because of the extra time needed to bike, become tired and cranky causing undo stress on his life, marriage, and son?

e.)  All of the above?

You decide!




  Laura wrote @

f.) John remember to stop at the store on the way home from work like his wife asked him to? (Mine always does…) 🙂

g.) John swear off milk because it gives him gas?

h.) John escape to blogland to avoid thinking about it?


  Laura wrote @

ps – John could buy the cow (but not if he gets the milk for free – but that’s another story) and then RIDE THE COW TO WORK!

Gotta run… headed to the cow store RIGHT NOW!

Smile – it will keep you from crying – or something….


  Christi wrote @

And isn’t it a sad state of affairs that we have these kinds of choices to make?


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