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The New Alphabet (toe is the new o)

I CAN’T STAND IT! 🙂 Joe was working with Sophie on her ABC’s… most of it went something like this… “a e c e e e g, h i a k em a nin o p… then maybe cu (q) and pick back up at e e e…”.  Great…all smiles…. but then, THEN, when I picked up on Joe’s careful enunciation… (rolling on the floor now, really, trying my best to type…) I heard, “el em en TOE p”….. YES I’m for real!  And, yes, he knows I’m typing this post.  I just couldn’t help it.  We called Cammie in to witness Sophie’s rendition of ABC’s and she fell apart right with me when we heard Joe’s…..well, it was all great, but the TOE?  Is there a toe in there?  Really? 

Alert all preschoolers….This just in…New Alphabet- toe is the new o!


I love you Joe…thanks for the material! 😉



  ginger wrote @

So lost your minds!

  Laura wrote @

Toe may be the new “o” in toddler land, but in teenage land “I said NO!” is the new “Yes.” How does that work??

I did hear that green is the new black… Use that information however you will, but use it carefully.

I’m a (Silly) Believer!

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