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Too Big For Her Pull-Up

This post is dedicated to the toddler….Sophie.

I realize that having teenage sisters enhances her vocabulary, but I just wasn’t prepared for some the things that come out of this kid’s mouth.  (Hey….I just thought of a great new movie title:  Two Teens and a Todd.  You know?  Like Three Men and a Baby?  Never mind….I ramble… 😉 )

Just the other day, I called out, “Sophie”, several times as we were about to leave and I was ready to load her up.

“WHAT!?”, was the reply.  arggghhhh!


Yes, she did….then, as I was loading her up, I was fussing about something and she said, “FIIINE!”

I blame them- the sisters!  But she’s not even two yet?!  She’s only 20 months old!  But wait…there’s more!

When I load her into her very comfy black leather Eddie Bauer carseat (thank you, thank you…to my baby sister Ginger, bff since high school Tracie, her sister Jen and my friend Suzonne….GREAT shower gift ladies!), I barely get her buckled up before she begins…”HOT!  HOT! AIR!  A-IIIR!”

What?  Are you kidding me?  YES, this is Louisiana, but again- YOU’RE 20 MONTHS OLD!  I don’t think she knows that.

She is funny, though.  Never a dull moment.  And she is random!  I mean, she can be sitting quietly in the Walmart buggy before she suddenly hollers out “HEY LADY!”, or “HEY BABY!”  But the five and six year old boys and girls just don’t like being called baby.  And when hunger strikes:  “hung-y!  HUNG-Y!  Bite?  EAT, MAMA?  HUNG-Y!  PEASEEEEE?  EAT?”  Yes, people, I feed her!

The latest is the potty training issue.  She must holler “POTTY” 20 times in one shopping trip!  At first, I don’t want to chance it.  Gotta’ make that run to the potty (with no attachable potty lid), cover the potty as best as possible, pull down her pull-up, and try to hold her in a hovering position so as not to sit on the potty.  FORGET IT!  The kid really wants the security of the lid in the first place.  Hovering is not an option.  Who was I kidding? 

She is exhausting…  I should be sleeping right now as she naps.  But there’s that sweet, innocent, tender child heart she has.  She takes her hands and cups them around my face and just looks into my eyes like a mother does to her child.  It makes my heart swell.  HOWdoes she know to do that?  She’s the kid!?  She gives the sweetest hugs!  And she often comes to my bathroom when I’m just about done getting ready to go somewhere and says, “AWWW, Pre-ttty!”, and smiles.  Be still my heart!  She also tries to sing some of the songs on her Praise Baby cd that she sleeps to as well as Jesus Loves Me.  Hearing her say His name…well, there are no words.  I try to remember these tender moments when she is trying to bargain with me.  Naptime, anything-she-doesn’t-want-to-do-time, she says “NO -time-out?”  What??  Now you want time out!? 

But as feisty as she can be, God will use her in that little personality.  Tempered, that is.  Last Sunday we missed church due to sheer exhaustion from LIFE.  No excuse, I know!  As Courtney and I were lounging in the living room, Sophie came in after waking from a morning nap (she was up most of that night) and said, “CHURCH?  CHURCH!”  Stunned!  Courtney and I just stared at each other in disbelief.  HOW?  HOW could she know or remember?  I hear you, Lord!  OUCH!

Here are some pics of my sassy Sophie:



Potty Time!

Sooooo innocent!


Time out!

Sassy?  From that little thing?  Hmmm?  Trust me! 😉



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  Ginger wrote @

Oh…Wise baby….HA! So needed that one!
pics: Lauren, RENA-Joe, Lauren… yes in that order please.

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