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Finding Her Place In God

God gave me three daughters with three different personalities.  I marvel at how each of them mirrors me in different ways.  And yet, they are so different.  It boggles the mind.

Sandwiched in the middle is Courtney.  The middle child.  I’ve thought a lot lately about her.  At the moment, she is at rehearsal for her upcoming dance recital.  Courtney is a very beautiful, bright and talented girl.  Of course, I’m prejudice!  I’m her mom.  But truly, she is.  By her own admission, she is a perfectionist.  I have always considered her drive and determination gifts from God.  And I’m sure they are.  But for some time now, I have felt burdened for my child as I’ve watched her strive in so very many areas of life- academically, athletically, socially and even in her own walk with Christ.  Understand that I admire her and appreciate her drive for excellence.  I suppose that as a mom, I just don’t want her to come tumbling down one day.

Beth Moore’s blogpost from this past Sunday- Something’s Got Me Thinking – summed up exactly how I feel about my second born.  And quite beautifully, I might add.  Check it out at

I certainly don’t want to over exaggerate the middle child syndrome, but I am aware of the effects (and advantages) of birth order.  As one of my good friends put it- Courtney will never be the oldest sister, she will never be the youngest sister, but she gets to be the older sister and the younger sister.  She has, however, been overshadowed at times.  She has worked so very hard for so very long.  Though she is by no means perfect, she strives to do right.  She has a strong conscience.  Yet in spite of her efforts, she often turns up not quite number one in many areas.  Of course, that’s not the most important thing in life.

Over the past year, Courtney has watched as her older sister went through an amazing transformation.  Cammie did not make the grades that Courtney makes.  Cammie had to work a bit harder at it.  However, in a short time, she discovered her potential.  She made some drastic changes and not only improved in all areas of life, but she excelled and graduated at the top of her class.  I know Courtney is as proud as I am of Cammie.  She absolutely loves her sister.  But I am sure that this frustrates her continuing efforts to do her absolute best.  Add to that a toddler sister who gets praise for using the potty and counting to five and almost equal attention for saying “NO” to Mom or Dad or just poking her lip out.

This is my prayer for Courtney:  that she will stand firm in who she is in Christ.  That she will recognize the gifts that He has given her and know that ultimately, they are for His glory.  That as she surrenders them back to Him with all of her dreams and desires, she will find that she can trust Him and that her surrender to Him will ultimately bring her the peace and joy that she longs for. 

This is a poem that Courtney wrote for Honor’s English.  She had to include similes, metaphors and a myriad of other Honor’s English phrases.  And it’s about being the middle child.




The rooster crows to announce the day

Boasting the break of dawn

As the sun rises

Like new parents’ joy of their first born


The church bell chimes at midday

The masses rush to break for lunch

Underneath the bright shining sun

Its intense heat magnifies their stress

Overshadowing its brilliance


Just as a second born unexpectedly arrives

Amidst the chaos

Hiding its beauty


Dusk falls peacefully

Calling all to rest

Twilight beckons relaxation

The cares of life disappear

Allowing freedom to rush in

Like a mighty ocean wave

Overflowing the dry sandy shore


The course of life brings forth

A newborn baby

Glowing as would a setting sun

Pampered and spoiled

As parents slumber

From a life of responsibility


Though seemingly lost as the noon day sun

I know my place was chosen by God

To shine magnificently and independently



By:  Courtney Sutton


Court- Mom loves you more than you could ever fathom!  I am your biggest fan (next to Christ)!  You will always be my baby.  Remember…you were the baby first. 😉  Much, much love- Mom.




  Laura wrote @

waaaa… 😥


  Ginger wrote @

Can you spell BEAUTY any other way?? Harvard or Yale bound… She is sooo ABOVE our Rori…!

  jess wrote @

hi. just passed by as i googled middle child topic. i must say this is very touching as i am a middle child, though perhaps not as lucky as your daughter courtney, but this has definitely raised my spirits. you two are blessed people to have each other and your family. May God be always with us!

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