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Cammie’s Story

Last night Cammie and Courtney went to watch Cammie’s class, the Denham Springs High School Class of 2008, graduate.  Cammie would not be joining them.

Last September Cammie, my husband, Cammie’s father and I made a tough but very important decision.  We pulled her from her high school during her senior year, prayerfully considered our options and chose to send her to the National Guard Youth Challenge program.

Cammie has granted me permission to share her story.  It’s summed up in the following letter I sent to YCP after her graduation in March of this year.


I pray her story will bring encouragement to those of you who may be dealing with the tumultuous teenage years.  God is faithful!  May He grant grace, wisdom and peace to us as parents.


Cammie and her friend, Jessica



  Laura wrote @

Rena – that is a beautiful letter. I don’t know how many people come out of the program the way Cammie did, but I praise God for His faithfulness in your family. So excited for Cammie and her shiny bright future!

I’m A Believer (and apparently a bloggy genius!)


  Ginger wrote @

Ok, time to comment on Cams. There are no words really… just so happy to see her BEcome the beautiful woman of God she is meant to BE. No matter what direction the Lord leads, that is her direction, and she is sure to follow as she listens to His voice.

Her vulnerability will remain a strength as she rest in the arms of His covering.

We salute you Cams as you pursue your destiny! (You too mom… aka my sis!)

  Military Mom Blues « Insert Grace Here… wrote @

[…] been a long process for us as well as Cammie, starting over a year ago.  If you haven’t read Cammie’s story, check it out.  It will provide a bit of insight.  I’ve watched Cammie grow exponentially […]

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